1. thewanderingpen

    My Own IM Journey & Journal - The Road Less Taken

    After browsing through the journey threads here...AND more importantly seeing the support and cheers that the community gives, I figured: "Hey, a good portion of these threads lead to success, why not start mine and see where it goes?" The appeal of making money in your pajamas (and the payoff...
  2. thewanderingpen

    [HELP] SEO Tips For Infobarrel Articles

    Hi BHW, I'm planning to give Infobarrel a shot along with the usual affiliate marketing. I don't want to put my eggs in one basket. :) I have a pretty good idea of what to do and how to promote affiliate sites. HOWEVER, as for Infobarrel articles, I have no idea what to do. Spending $200 on...
  3. D

    Xrumming Article directories

    I haven't used xrumer before. I would like to know from any experienced user about what he/she thinks about xrumming a new ezine, buzzel or infobarrel article? I want to use these sites because they are already trusted sites in google eyes.
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