1. Unlicensed420

    Indians of BHW, which projects are you working on to make $$?

    Hey People, Long time lurker from IN. Love what this forum is and what it does. Just wanted to ask some fellow indians how are they making money using guides/tuts from BHW. P.S. - mostly a discussion thread to help each with ideas and regional problems.

    For Indians - How are you managing Taxes, while making money online

    Hello Bhai Log, Just Recently I joined this internet marketing world, Also just this year turned 18. So that means I am now legally adult and all my the documents are ready now... I noticed that for any financial transactions we need Tax Number of GST number... In dropshipping for signing up...
  3. anup999

    Finally Mumbai Indians WIN

  4. P

    Most BHW'ers are Indians

    Hello, btw at the start i'm not being racist so noone should speak about it a single word, So I have seen that most the black hatters are either Indians, pakistan, bangladesh, siri lanka or countries around them, even if they were not, they are probaby Indian americans.. etc. So I wonder why?
  5. J

    For Indians [Paypal]

    Does anyone know how to add funds from a bank account to paypal ? :/ I looked up several youtube videos etc etc but i found no "add funds" option. Is there any other way to add cash to your paypal from bank account ?
  6. K

    Any affiliates Pay to Indians

    I thankful to who able to give some guideline on my requirement. 1. Name of Affiliates - pay to Indians 2. Any product which will give commision for free signup. 3. Full summarized guideline for me as beginner and interested in this marketing area. Thanks a lot
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