indexing links

  1. Genesis

    Need links indexed

    Hi, I need someone or a service that is able to index a few hundred profile and directory/citation links. I've tried a few suppliers from the BHW Marketplace with mixed results. If you can achieve a high indexing rate I will have future orders for you too. Thanks.
  2. bitrexF

    How to Index your pages/posts in 24 hours (Gold SEO Tip)

    Related to something I revealed already in this topic ( Here is what you need to do Post the link or links on Twitter. Use SMM service and put some quality comments, likes and shares. -3-4 comments...
  3. PeterPerseo

    Awful indexing of GSA contextual links

    Hi all, in the past I used a lot Gsa Ser, with mixed results, but now I prefer to buy packs of Ser links from more experienced user. Usually I buy a service of 1000 T1 (contextual links) and 10.000 T2 (spam links). Again, in the past the result was not bad. But, since 1 year, the indexing rate...
  4. BigPBN

    Fast indexing of 200 pages via google api

    Hi. Sorry for the bad English, a user wrote to me and asked how to index sites through the Google API. Recently, Google indexes sites very slowly and I think this information can be useful. With this tool, you can guaranteedly index 200 link in 1 minute. (post consists of two parts) STEP 1...
  5. PetalSEO

    Pbns are not showing Upon Ahrefs and SEMursh

    Just created 500 pbns for an local client , as per Pbns got indexed and yet these pbns are not showing upon the Ahrefs Backlinks profile and same goes to Semursh Linking profile . Can anybody guide me , What to deal with this issues !