indexed pages

  1. M

    Indexed page decrease from more than 20 pages in google search results to just 5 pages

    My pages were indexed very well, then one day I text site:mysite then see that indexed pages decrease from more than 20 pages in google search results to just 5 pages. Then I audit my website again because there are quite a lot of product pages has the same meta description. Should I continue to...
  2. greenbrush

    How To Monetize My Wordpress Websites?

    I have created more than 100 websites and published more than 300 articles in translated English Language from another language on each site. and 90% of them are in good page index in Google and Bing(more than 50 indexed pages), 50% of websites get more than 50 unique traffic per day in high UR...
  3. N

    I need some guidance for my indexed page for some keywords

    Hello BHWers, I am sure this is the right place where i can get correct answers of SEO related questions. i have a website with good amount of pages and each pages targeted to different long tail keywords although website is a single niche related. now my concern is on my desire keywords my...
  4. youtalk

    Did Google Change

    Did Google Change the way you can check how many pages are indexed on a site? use to return how many pages a site had, and it doesn't seem to be working over the past few weeks very well. It's showing very low results to a bunch of sites I have. But in GWT, it shows all the...
  5. Y

    Getting Indexed By Google Big Time 5,000 To 17,500

    Google must really be digging me these day's. I've been doing some backlinking,not too must and pinging and gained about 500 backlinks in 3 weeks.In the past 2 weeks my indexed pages in google has increased big time.It went from 5,000 to 15,000 in 2 weeks. I just checked it now and i'm up...
  6. shevkorn

    Images in google

    hello guys I'm a continous reader of this amazing site, I was reading for a long time, but now I would like ask a few things if it's possible. first of all. sorry my bad english, this is not good but I'm gonna try to explain my doubts. I have a wallpaper site, but I would like increase the...
  7. J

    my new web 2 day in "G" and then disapear of the index..

    Hi, I update my new website in guugle index, and after 6h. the page get indexed ok!! and when i search in guugle there are two web page indexed ok.But today when I look in webmater tools of guugle they say that my page is not in the index and two days before it was there. So what do you think...
  8. I

    [WTB] SEO Services

    Hey bhw friends, i want to ask for some seo services, i have a site about tv eps, i want it to rank for 2 keywords, not fancy jeywords but it will bring some trafic, i want to get indext good y google and it will be ok if i get indext in msn and yahoo as well , task is simple rank for some long...
  9. N

    Pages get indexed but no cache, what does it mean?

    I build serveral free blogs to put links to my main sites. I found that many of them are get indexed by GG ( found when search with inurl: ) but no cache. Why? Does GG know that the blog posts are low quality? If yes, by which factor it use to detemine this.
  10. S

    Tool or site to list ALL my indexed pages and their Page Rank

    I know the site:*site here* command, I want to quickly compile a list of all my sites indexed pages and their page rank. Currently I am doing it manually using greasemonkey PR view plugin in google and site:*site here* It's taking forever! Thanks in advance.
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