indexed issue

  1. sir.rankalot

    [METHOD] How Indexing Services Work, and How To Make Your Own Indexer That Works.

    If you are familiar with indexing services and you see recently they don't work sometimes. In this post, I will explain how the indexers work and why they don't work well at the moment, and also how to build your own indexers. There are numerous ways that indexers on the market work that is...
  2. sir.rankalot

    Indexing Backlinks is a new problem in 2020. Almost all indexers are not working

    Many SEOs may notice the changes in the way Google index both your website as well as backlinks, some are still building backlinks and don't know that their links won't count. Yesterday is the 30th day since I notice the problem with indexers, while I get my links indexed by only 4-7% after 1...
  3. P

    Banned With 1,476 Links as a Gift ?

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was wondering if some of you SEO gurus could help me out with respect to the indexing of my site, or should I say lack there of. I'll give you a little bit of background before I ask my questions : My new site ( has been online since Sept 21, 2011. I have...
  4. macpaulos

    What to do about pages that are no longer there?

    I have a small ticket site. After a particular event is finished I take down the page. Unfortunately google has indexed these certain pages and so my users are getting 404 messages. What do you think is the best way to approach this??
  5. V

    index problems not working?

    I used to get my sites indexed faster,but now it is not working,i had two accounts on it and whenever i post a message it doesn't show up on the main page but only on my user info page,so goggle is not indexing it? What to do?Is it like a ip ban or user ban? Should i create a new...
  6. J

    my new web 2 day in "G" and then disapear of the index..

    Hi, I update my new website in guugle index, and after 6h. the page get indexed ok!! and when i search in guugle there are two web page indexed ok.But today when I look in webmater tools of guugle they say that my page is not in the index and two days before it was there. So what do you think...
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