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  1. I

    Any free method to check if a domain/url is indexed in Google ?

    Hi fellow members. Do you guys know any free tool / service / method through which I can check if some particular URLs (say around 20) and indexed in Google or not. I know you can achieve this through 'scrapebox' but it costs around $97. So if you guys know any free method to check whether a...
  2. abdel007

    Is This a "DOORWAY" Pages ?

    Today while I am checking my indexed posts I found this: two different URLs with two different titles but the same post, and they are indexed for more than 10 days !! Can we call it (post N:2) a Doorway page !?

    Is google index checking currently a problem?

    Is google index checking a problem for SEO'S currently as I see a few threads saying this?
  4. jstarkseo

    [METHOD] How to Index Profile Backlinks you get from DA 70+ Sites like Wordpress, TED, About Me.

    Getting backlinks from these authoritative websites in pretty easy—but it’s still only one piece of the puzzle. For Google to pay attention to you (and your backlinks), those links need to be indexed. Backlink indexation is similar to content indexation in SERPs. It means the backlink will be...

    How do you check indexing in google lately?

    I had been using scrapebox for mass checking, but it doesn't seem to working that well lately. How do you guys check 5000 links to see if they are indexed in google, and how long does it take?