1. sikandar

    Re: Stripe + Atlas to open US bank Account

    I am not a US citizen, but I'd like to get a US bank account and a company incorporated in the US - for accepting payments using Stripe. Stripe has a service called Atlas where they help people in other countries to start a company in the US and get a bank account too. This service costs $500...
  2. funkybunker

    Your Smartest Move to Protect & Build Your Profits

    The subject of what to do with your money, once you earn it, is hardly talked about here. I'll teach you a little trick that will pay enormous dividends over the life of your business. Hint: You won't reach CEO status with all of your money sitting in the bank. Everything You Buy with Your Own...
  3. B

    Places with best tax policy for incorporation?

    Can be any state/province, city, country, whatever just as long as the tax rate is as close to zero as possible and the authorities aren't shady a-holes that might steal your company. This is to register a company, no to operate there. In fact if I can do it through mail and not having to...
  4. S

    Best LLC Formation Websites

    Let this be a thread to talk about your experience with sites like: legalzoom, delawareinc, etc.... How long did it take to get your LLC (or any business entity) set up? Did you encounter any problems down the road that you couldn't overcome because of their services? Did they advise...
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