1. D

    How are these emails inboxing in Gmail primary? UPS 'Order Confirmed'

    Been getting a lot of these 'Order Confirmation' emails lately. I am interested in how these guys are pulling off inboxing in primary Gmail to use for our own internal marketing campaigns. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. N

    GMail put all my emails from AWeber into spam

    I have a small list of about 200 people. A couple of days ago my emails went to the inbox in Gmail. I was very happy. But now they all go into spam. Could be a domain issue but if I try to change the from domain it doesn't really help. Does anybody know if there is a service that can help me...
  3. A

    New Mail Technique - How to monetize ?

    I have been in and out of this business for many years, but mostly out of it for past 5 years or so. I recently came across a technique to almost guarantee any mail that inboxed would be opened. I don't know what current rates are, but it used to be only 2/3% of inboxed mail was ever opened...
  4. Backlinked

    Inbox 100% Of Emails (Bulk)

    Hey, I figured out how to inbox 100% of emails in Bulk, I also have the resources to send 500k emails/day (Can increase to 1 million if necessary) with 100% Inboxing. This is Tested and working 100%. Now, I heard many times that if you have the right offers (Which I do have) + the power to...
  5. M

    Inboxing Hotmail with a fresh SMTP

    Hi, I want our HTML emails (with a link inside the body of the HTML) to go in inbox for Hotmail from a fresh SMTP with new IP + new domain. We have already done all technical stuff : DKIM / SPF configuration + SNDS + JMRP subscription. We can provide VPS access + new domain + new IP or you can...
  6. jmason616

    JV - Need Someone Who Can Inbox

    I have an email list, offer that converts well, and an email ready. I just need help on inboxing or someone that can inbox for me. I will pay for whatever we need!
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