inboxing emails

  1. G

    Biggest Email Marketing Trends in 2018

    Email marketing is best tool in digital marketing in various ways. To use IP rotation and DKSIM you can increase the inbox hitting and CTR rate. For 2018 biggest email marketing trends in 2018 are as follows: The research shows that marketers are betting on Interactive email, Big Data...
  2. J

    Inboxing with Email Marketing

    I have a large number of email subscribers that use several different email services such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. My question is simple: How do I ensure I reach the inbox and avoid the spam folder when sending these contacts marketing messages? I know that there are several variables that...
  3. Gofobu

    Need help with email setup

    Hello, we've been having problems properly inboxing when mailing a customer list of ours. Using Sendgrid with Interspire resulted in our mails ending up in the spam filter and them temporarily blocking our account. So we need a better solution. Looking at about 100k emails/week. Please PM me...
  4. empower

    [JV] Need mass mail to german speaking people, paying high commissions

    Hello Community, who has or can scrape big german/austria/swiss lists and other who speaking german? Also setup and mailing with a high inbox rate? Im looking for 2-3 partners who want to work with me. Its an interesting project. Targeted: All people who want to earn money with an easy way...
  5. M

    Inboxing Hotmail with a fresh SMTP

    Hi, I want our HTML emails (with a link inside the body of the HTML) to go in inbox for Hotmail from a fresh SMTP with new IP + new domain. We have already done all technical stuff : DKIM / SPF configuration + SNDS + JMRP subscription. We can provide VPS access + new domain + new IP or you can...
  6. soulless1

    Help With Interspire Email Marketer

    Hello BHW I have been reading through alot of post trying to nail this issue.. I have the latest version of IEM (Bad Syntax Version) . I have been back and forth with hostgator for 2days on this.. I have a vps through hostagator, everything is set up correctly with IEM , but my test emails...
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