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  1. M

    Some blog page has no impression after a certain point.

    Hello everyone, I have a question Today. I reviewed some blog data today and found that about twenty of my articles had the situation shown in the picture. The article gained a certain amount of impression within a month or two after it went online, but suddenly there was no impression after a...
  2. M

    Really need some advice. My site got hit so hard! Keyword is disappear day after day.

    About my site: - New site (7-month year old) - On-page in basic (SSL, Title, Image, Internal link,...) - 74 articles all by writer, I got some sales so I think it is good enough - Few social, directory ... - Got hit on 25 September - Keywords disappear day after day - Still got sale month ago -...
  3. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How do I sell SEO articles on an established site without getting penalty from or hurting my domain ranking ?

    Hi all ! In an earlier post i shared with you all that I have a large, authoritative forum website in my country. it gets around 40K page views per day, and the topics are very broad. Someone inquired me about buying about 30 SEO articles with do follow link from me to their client site (they...
  4. C

    How do I get "Guugle" to start giving me impressions again?

    I started my site about three months ago. Below are my Guugle search impressions from the past three months. If the image doesn't come up, I'll just tell you. I saw a spike in search impressions, and then my search impressions dropped down to almost 0. As you can see, things started out...
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