1. M

    Bringing Pakistani Snacks/Candy to the UK? - Need Advice!

    Does anyone here have experience with importing food items, particularly snacks and candies, from Pakistan to the UK? I want to start an online store selling them. I am situated in the UK.
  2. CrazeWiz

    How to automate reposting of content from another WordPress site to my own?

    I want to repost content/posts from another website (which is using Wordpress) to my own site (also using Wordpress). The site I want to repost content from has around 5000 posts, each which contain 5-30 photos, so doing it manually is not viable. If I had admin access to the original...
  3. M

    Coder for Product Grabber and import in dropshipping shops, good and fair payment, long time work ,

    Looking for Coding Services, programmed in python or similiar language good usable for small grabbing/scraping scripts. Payment is fair and work is not one time, we looking for long time work for multiple people! Please write me in Skype or Telegram telegram: @lonlyhands skype...
  4. vigyavan

    Anyone import toys from china to india?

    I want to import some toys about 1200 pieces from china in cheaper price and also want to know some things regarding this
  5. G

    Any Web2.0s that can import content from Wordpress site ?

    Does anyone know of any web2.0 sites out there that can import posts from a wordpress site ? I know wix can for example but i do not like wix very much, looking for some other options if possible.
  6. im_network

    How to import csv contacts to facebook

    I want to create facebook accounts and import contacts from a csv file to send fried requests to them. But now i can't find the contacts import option in facebook desktop version. Did they remove it ?. If you know any technique to achieve this, please share guys.
  7. Mirkogiovannetti

    Import From USA to my country

    my company is looking for the name of a US company that can import an appliance. I await the response of someone who can sell us this information. Greetings.
  8. KJREDDY247@

    Any Gold Members on Alibaba in Here?

    Just Curious is there any gold members on alibaba here? If anyone here, how is your experience with it? is it good to go ahead with? We are looking to take the membership in the next quarter so looking for your experiences on this. if anyone in here already verified their company , can you...
  9. KJREDDY247@

    How many of you are into Exports Business??

    Just checking, Anyone here into imports and exports business as their main stream? or am i the only one in here?
  10. L

    Anyone knows how to import csv file in imacro?

    I tried to import a csv file... But i can't find it on imacro. Any solution?
  11. KJREDDY247@

    How much does it cost to make website something like this?

    Are there any wordpress templates to make a website similar to this. Or in general how much does it cost to make similar website.
  12. KJREDDY247@

    Any Alibaba affiliates in Here

    Planning to start an affiliate site using Alibaba / can someone share their experiences? or is there any better alternatives for this?
  13. crystygye

    How to Export wordpress posts with Featured image?

    I am pleased of export/import wordpress tool witch came with wordpress, but it can't export and import posts with featured image included. How can i export the posts (newer than 6 months per example / or by category) BUT with featured image included?
  14. ezine.writer

    JV- Need Collaboration for Export/Important Join Venture

    Hey Fellas, I am looking to Import some items from China and that's why looking for a Trust worthy person who might be interested in helping and collaborate with all Trust. Do we have anyone , any suggestions/ leads to follow? I will much appreciate Responses. Thank you
  15. A

    Create a Custom Audience from csv?

    Are there still possible to scrap people who like fanpage or who is in group and upload list to custom audience? Will it work? What soft do you recommend for scraping? If not, do you have any alternatives? Thank you for advice!
  16. Eternal1912

    [Wholesale] Tomato-based products & more

    Greetings to everyone on this forum, Looking to increase the wholesale export for the company I’m working for at the moment. Our portfolio of products includes tomato paste, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, jam, soya sauce & a variety of cans. We have both a gourmet list of products and a more...
  17. A

    need plugin to import adult videos in WP

    hello , i just start in this world websites and i host my first adult site i use wordpress so my problem is how do i get videos form other adult sites to my i need plugin i know but i hope to tell me about one or method or any thing i can use
  18. A

    How to promote business directory?

    I want to promote mine website, mine main competitor is
  19. SEO Supreme

    Wordpress bulk post update with XML

    Hey guys, I'm running a script that generates thousands of WP posts that I'm able to import through XML. The question is how can one update already uploaded posts without deleting them and re-uploading? Unfortunately, the import function doesn't update currently existing posts. Thanks in advance,
  20. thewelshman

    Need help importing job listings to my site

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out a way of importing job listings from various websites into my own wordpress site. I'm using WP all import currently, but can't figure out importing from URL. I would be extremely grateful if someone could suggest a better method / plugin I can use to achieve...
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