imei number validation

  1. BlackSugarz

    imei discussions

    Hello guys, I don't know where to post this btw I have this in my mind for long time what will happen if I use the same imei on couple phones ? calling in different phones with the same imei !? or calling someone has the same imei number ? will it work ? Will it have any violations from...
  2. R

    Need photos of touchscreen phones with IMEI Number for a project

    Hi, I need 200 photos of touchscreen phones with undamaged/uncracked screens. The screen of the phone should contain the IMEI number (press "*#06#" in your phone dialer to open the IMEI screen). The phones should be upright in the photos. Look at a couple of sample images below (note that the...
  3. K

    how to find the location of a smartphone thanks to IMEI ??

    how to find the location of a smartphone thanks to IMEI ????
  4. N

    #1 iPhone Unlock Affilfiate Program

    You can sell iPhone factory unlocks and make money from this using the best affiliate program in the net. If you choose to join our iPhone Unlock affiliate program you will get almost any unlock for any iPhone as we are direct IMEI unlock code...
  5. D

    IMEI Number validation using VB.NET

    Hi , I had this on my blog. blog(dot)hefin(dot)in I just felt like sharing this information here..for many programmers may be looking for codes like these. The Code Logic is very simple.. Problem : Validating a Correct IMEI Number. (For those who dont know what IMEI stands google...
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