1. jaysamuel

    Domain Question

    Say someone registers the domain Then, say someone owns the domain and creates the Lovingbit subdomain, so both domains read Whos site would it point to??
  2. back2form

    illuminati backward || page redirect to ? Surprised!

    Hello all.. Go Type "illuminati" backwards and add .com, then, Hit enter : What page does it direct you to ? Surprised! I too Surprised & that's why shared here :)
  3. PureHustle


    @BassTrackerBoats showing his true colors once again...
  4. U

    New World Order: Real or Fake?

    So what does BHW believe? NWO is real or fake? A quick google search of "NWO is fake" threw up this result: " I can Quote several people to show that the NWO is real unfortunately. George H.W. Bush "We can work hand in hand with an accredited United Nations in which a New World Order can...