1. rashidouk

    Illegal Website

    Hello I have create an illegal website, after 2 mounth i rank in first page on google, but i recevied a DMCA and google have remove all my articles link from google search. So, my question is how can i protect my website from google remove?? Note: There many illegal websites that work...
  2. R

    Hosting blog (affiliate) with cannabis content illegal?

    How hosting companies look on this niche, website have only content with affiliate links to amazon, suppliers and not selling anything directly. Should I use off-shore hosting or normal. Any hosting expert here to make it clear answer on this topic? What is legal here and what not if you check...
  3. T

    Is PRStorm illegal to use? Someone just called me and tried to tell me to stop..

    Someone just called my cell.. from a restricted number and said "hello is this <my name>" (obviously did a whois on my domain) i said "speaking - whose this?" he then tells me "can i get you to stop using fraudulent referers?" i asked again "whose this?" he says "what your doing is...
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