igaming affiliates

  1. A

    Hiring PPC specialist for igaming.

    Hello, we are doing BH campaigns for igaming affiliate for several geos(Australia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland etc.). We have many warmed up accounts and active campaigns. We are looking for PPC specialist for manage campaigns and optimization. Applicants must...
  2. Trafficon

    Trafficon - CPA Network That Empowers Every Click

    We are one the biggest and most professional gambling, betting and trading networks to date. Trafficon promotes more than 200 (!) brands and offers, we also offer multiple weekly payment options based on CPA and other flexible models. Our key feature in trafficon is our AI-driven technology...
  3. C

    Long Time Listener First time Caller

    Hi, Quick introduction, SEO veteran since before it was called SEO, built sites in *.txt 20 years ago, explored the web before it was called hacking, had fun before they made the laws stopping you from doing so. Now I enjoy doing business while the majority of self-proclaimed gurus / Igaming...
  4. petimi

    Hello, looking to connect from marketers in casino / gambling affiliate niche

    hello to all awesome people of this cool forum I am here to meet people who are predominantly in the casino / iGaming / gambling niche and also any Wordpress enthusiasts. I have been into SEO for a good couple of years and would love to share some knowledge