ig stories

  1. L

    Google is adding ig videos

    What’s y’all’s take on it? Will backlinks be used for greater use regarding ig? Article showing google is testing tik tok/ig videos I have noticed a lot of copying lately! Tik tok long videos—-> YouTube YouTube shorts —-> tik tok Instagram reels—-> tik tok Instagram guides ——> pinterest...
  2. bmanfacts

    [Question] Do Folks Actually Click Through to View Posts in Story Shares?

    I'm curious. I have several active accounts where I do this just to give exposure to my other pages. Yet, when I check through on the analytics before the 24hrs are up, not many people actually clicked the photo to see the post and engage it. I'm curious, do people actually click through them...
  3. K

    Ranking your stories on hashtag-stories

    Would love to make this thread a datapool for likeminded folks, that contains knowledge beyond the common stuff out there. So feel free to add to my findings. IG stories are bringing more traffic than feed posts on some of my accounts and regarding recent info by Zuckerberg/Sandberg stories are...
  4. O

    New IG Scraper?

    Need a scrapper, that can scrape followers, gender, whitelist , likes etc and scrape fast bonus if it can scrape age and stories
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