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  1. UuuU1245

    Creating 2013 account ?

    Hey I know there is a method on how to create 2013 accounts can someone please share it
  2. K

    Best IG growth & tool? (automation focused)

    Hi guys, what are the best strategies and tools for IG growth? I have a personal account, an affiliate page, a fashion label and an ecom shop that I manage. You can also send me a whole list or general suggestions. But I am mostly looking for automation like outsourcing follow/unfollow or...
  3. Prophetkanye


    MY STORY After years of running my own social media agency, i have finally remembered where it all started... I've been lurking on BHW since 2016, collecting info and reading up on people's experiences and journeys. In early 2018, I finally created my account and started buying followers from...
  4. iki

    ✅ Manual Instagram Growth Service ➡️ Gain Real and Targeted Followers ✅ No Automation or Bots ✅

    Hire a Personal Account Manager to grow your Instagram account and increase your engagement – organically. No Fake Followers, No Automation or Bots! Results Guaranteed or 100% Money Back! Placing an order: Service prices for BHW forum members and other direct website visitors are different...
  5. M

    Jarvee Expert

    I am looking for someone to provide me assistance in growing my account on IG using the M/C Method and Jarvee. I can provide the child accounts, proxies, and VPS i'm looking to manage my own network of accounts i'd like to start with a 100 accounts and then scale up. I'm looking for someone...
  6. small_town_boy

    What methods except follow/unfollow currently work for IG?

    Follow/unfollow is what eveeryone does. Posting at least 1 a day. CHECK Stories regularly. CHECK Nicely done and designed profile. CHECK How many people can I follow / unfollow within 1 hour / 1 day? Do any boys currently work or IG has protected against all of them?
  7. F

    Journey to 100k followers on Instagram and beyond

    Why I want to reach 100k on IG In the past ten years, the only thing other than IM I have cared about was fitness. I work out pretty much every day, and I eat right. I am finally below 8% body fat and still dropping some body fat off. I have tried pretty much every diet, workout plan...
  8. T

    Tips for Growing an IG Model Account

    One of my clients is an "Instagram Model" with 15K followers. Her engagement has really dropped over the past year. She used to get 100-200 comments on each post but now it's more like 20-30 comments. Apparently she bought some fake followers a few times (in small intervals) but that didn't...
  9. I

    Mother/child Instagram growth service - ready to pay

    Hi guys. Looking for someone who is able to provide the mother/child/slave Instagram growth service. Please let me know if this is something you can do.
  10. Rachmaninoff

    [Tips] Boost IG engagement rate, get 200+ comments

    I’m quite new on IG thingy and yes you can call me a newbie on IG. Doesn’t matter, we’re all still learning somehow. I shared these tips based on my own experiences. And no this is not something new/original. Plenty of people have been doing this on IG. Tho I don't see it's been shared here yet...
  11. bbbb bbbb

    The Secret of Mass Story View...

    Nobody want you to know this but....IT WORKS...And it works GREAT...On a Mass Level tho, like 10 million views a day... There are Services that do provide this... People will say it doesn't work because of 2 reasons...1. They don't know how to target/ Shitty Content or 2. They do not want you to...
  12. cheekycheeky

    Child account services. Instagram

    Hi everyone. Ive been reading through BHW for some time now and I am happy to be apart of such an awesome community! Im looking for someone with experience using child accounts to drive traffic to a main account on Instagram. My first time using this method so it would be nice to find someone...
  13. D

    Instagram Growth Strategy with Child Accounts to Get Real, Engaging and Targeted Followers.

  14. D

    Instagram Jouney to 20,000-100,000 accounts botting (I'm currently at 5k)

    Well, Hi. I made a similar thread a months ago, so take this thread as a "Part 2" :) . I was a newbie and didn't know a lot of things I know now. Also, I didn't know some of the BHW rules so I even got banned once. But now I'm here, with a lot more knowledge, thankfully I'm Jr.VIP now. So, I...
  15. bmanfacts

    [Question] Best Proxies to use for IG Acct Creation & Growth?

    As the title says, I'm wondering the best proxies [providers] you've used for account creation & growth. (Your personal experience) I don't plan on Spamming or doing CPA. Just Creating accounts across various undisclosed niches and building them with the aid of software. Some are just for...
  16. D

    Instagram Journey to growing my SMMA

    Hello, let me introduce myself: I'm fairly new here as a registered member in BHW but I've been learning here for a long while. I'll do my best in order to help everyone I can. Important to say that everything will be based in my experience also IMO. As soon as I reached the minimum...
  17. F

    IG Fake Till You Make It 0$ to 1k$ Monthly with 1 Acc

    I have personal account, which has little over 3k followers and is few years old. In fitness niche :) and by little over I mean like 14 followers :D I will buy daily 1k fake followers, because if I buy a lot at once it would look a lot more fishy. I will also buy 1k likes for each post, I am...
  18. tux

    [Need Help] Weird IG Bug

    Hi guys, just encountered a really weird ig bug, all the photos from a clients account are gone after a phone verification. I have seen it before and photos always came back in like 5 mins max, it has been been like 2 hours till now with no change (0 posts on the account right now, it was 100+...