ig + cpa

  1. DonPato

    I Need Your Help Guys!

    Hello I am thinking about buying some aged PVA IG accounts for my business. I want to know would IG ask me at some point to phone verify the accounts again at some point? Please those who are experienced in this let me know
  2. hazzi

    Instagram + cpa 2020 ?

    Since instagram has become really strict I haven’t really seen many people talk about cpa and instagram like before. What’s changed and how are you approaching thing s now ?
  3. B

    [WTB] Instagram Limitations

    Hello i am testing ig accs to know the limits of Ig automation, if anyone can help me with that or did tests already, I'll be glad to know his reports.
  4. Mazen Hlel

    HOW I GET 30$/DAY ?

    Hi guys I have 550$ in my paypal but coudn't find any way to make money . I tried CPA IG , snapchat , FB ... I tried affiliet marketing also nothing :( I get this 550$ from buyed my channel YT and I lose my first 50$ in IG influceurs for CPA offers but no 1 leads :( I hope anyone know somthing...
  5. learn-site

    is it [possible/worth it] to run a IG mass dm service?

    im trying to run a mass dm service , creating lot of accounts daily , and automate them to send dms , at least 10,000 dm's a day and offer that as a service , is it possible? if yes is it really worth it? im making a serious decision so your thoughts will help me a lot
  6. E

    Instagram Automation Situation

    Hey guys Recently I have been thinking about starting my IG growth service. I can get clients easily and have people asking me if I offer to grow their account. But I don't know how to grow their accounts myself. Recently I done a bit of research and found out IG is killing the boting game...
  7. A

    Am I doing it right?

    Hello my friends! So I decided to try this method as a beginner : https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-easy-10-20-day-with-instagram-cpa-offers-step-by-step-guide.693931/ I was able to make 2 Instagram accounts and after that I get an error. I understood that I reached the limit of account...
  8. Suigetsu

    What Panel Still Have Working Followers Instagram Below $2 Per 1k?

    What Panel Still Have Working Instagram Followers Below $2 Per 1k?
  9. FBM

    Oh ANOTHER IG Journey?! - $10/day with CPA

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I am aiming to make $10 a day with IG + CPA. No deadline set as of yet, though that said I don't want it to take forever! Now I have played around with IG a while ago in terms of growing accounts (got several accounts to 100k (adult using MP) and then randomly they...
  10. kib0rg

    Methods of masslooking story

    Hey everyone! Who can tell me please, how its possible to make masslooking stories in IG? I know there is some methods. Unfortunately i cant use any services who provide this feature, so i need to write my own script. As i heared there is possible to make 1.000.000 and more lookings at the same...
  11. A

    Journey 1k IG account for thousands $ adult offers >> Keep your an eye on

    Hello Brother This is my Journey to hit thousands $ from IG Lets rock
  12. M

    Any guy doing cpa offerwall?

    How you guys are promoting your offer wall? ex if instagram, how you get people to click and take surveys or app install?
  13. micleclark

    How to Get Best Follow Back Ratio?

    Hay guys, I need a little bit recommendation from you. How to get higher follow back ratios from my sources. Please recommend which is best follow back ratio from [sources "follower" "Liker" or "Commenters"]. Sorry for my bad English:(
  14. djsobuj

    Ig account creation Country and proxy Country

    Should the Ig account creation Country and proxy Country need to be same?
  15. M1nnow

    Yet another CPA + IG journey

    Hey BHW, After tons of tons of tons of tries at the IG + CPA business I might have found a way to bot with IG accounts without getting any PV's or any bans, finally. So I'm starting this journey to keep myself & others motivated. Some info - Accounts provider - Still looking for a decent one...
  16. Mane.D

    Help IG+CPA Adult

    Hello to all BHW members I registered on BHW in 2013/2014 This is my new acc. All that time I'm reading and reading and only reading and everything I try I fail and now I need your help... I'm trying now with Instagram and Adult CPA I have 2 accounts 10.3k followers and 14k followers what is...
  17. LightningKing

    Ask Me Anything - Instagram Marketing 2019

    Hi BHW, Why am I doing this? Because I want to give back to this community :) I have been in Instagram game for almost 2 years now. I'm not an expert by any mean, but I will try my best to answer your questions based on my past experience. You can ask me anything and any angle about...
  18. Pro-Hustler

    Question on IG monetization

    I've been manually growing an IG account in automotive niche. Sure thing, I'm broke to contribute funds for my account's promotion and haven't taken IG methods serious yet. Lately, I'm pushing in on learning more about IG automation. The acc currently has 3k followers (which won't be barely...
  19. Salahedka

    instagram accounts creation

    hello guys, I want advice , What's the best way to create like 50 IG acc 1- Buy them 2- buy bulk of mail.ru and create them with Igramtool
  20. Salahedka

    Jarvee likes blocked

    Hey guys , I have 3 instagram accounts , I use 3 dedicated proxies 1 accounts = 1 dedicated proxy And Likes get blocked those are settings that I use https://imgur.com/a/oeCPMLM Help please