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  1. alphamaterx

    A Genuine Expert with Proven Trackrecord for FB/Meta/IG/TikTok ads

    Good day blackhaters, I'm posting this looking for a genuine expert that can run ads for a FX-related campaign across Meta-platform and TikTok. I mean this with no disrespect, but please do not reach out if you: a) are not on this website for minimum of 4 years. b) if you do not have concrete...
  2. S

    How to run good working IG ads as agency?

    I have always found my creators very difficult via mass DMing or twitter. But now I have more time and more employees for more creators. I want to find an easier way to find creators. I have tried my hand at Instagram ads (via facebook ads manager). I got inspiration from the facebook ads...
  3. fxkool

    Ad rejected due to adult content policy

    I was looking to promote a post which covers celebrities workout but IG keeps flagging it as sexually provocative or overly suggestive. I twisted it a little bit and removed all 'sexual' pictures but get the same pop error. Has anyone seen something like this before? Any chance it could be fixed?
  4. bobmundo123

    Looking for Services -

    Thought I should post here and not the marketplace as I'm Looking for service reccomendations Of who to use . Looking for the following if still possible - - Service for Organic IG Growth - Software ( if still even a thing - Similar to followliker - for Engagement / Autoposting / any other...
  5. Orozuz

    IG/FB ads could be useful for something

    Hi; So, I wanna test those, mainly IG ads. Do you know what niches are they useful for? I'd ideally use google ads or yt ads, because I have music and videos I'd like to advertise but I don't have a cc so google ads are out of the equation. As nothing regards IM I've tried so far has worked...
  6. S

    Facebook ads for online store

    Hello all, I started an FB ads campaign for my local online store selling smartwatches. I have two products and a running ad for each of the product. The first one in the first two or three days made about 20 sales(mostly from a website not Instagram or Facebook page messages) and after that...
  7. igtaya

    Instagram Mass Mention In Comments: Bring attention to Your Instagram Account, Giveaway and posts!

    Contact us Today => https://t.me/igtaya Mass mention in comments: Notification pushed: 1) What is our offer? Using our Instagram Accounts, we will comment under your post (feed, igtv, story) and mention users from the target audience you select. Each user who get mentioned will...
  8. T

    Forget CPC, CPM and Relevance score: Here are 3 Facebook Ads metrics that really matter

    Savannah Sanchez, social media marketing extraordinaire, just presented a bold idea: Get rid of CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille) and Relevance score from your dashboards. Why? Because there’s no correlation between CPC and ROAS (return on ad spend). Savannah’s analysis is drawn from...
  9. M

    Music Advertising. IG Ads for Spotify Streams+Followers. What works best?

    Hey guys, this is my first thread, if I make any mistakes or do/say things that are against the BHW-codex please let me know. Let's go! Somehow I landed a gig to be the "social media guy" for a not so small local band. My main target should be to pump their spotify streams up big time. (Of...
  10. P

    anyone from the Kansas city area?

    Wanted to see if there where any BHW members from KC or the surrounding area interested in linking up and collaborating on various IM methods (Social, PPC, Seo ect...) wanting to link up with like minded people and build. Hit me up if serious Thanks
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