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  1. kinsta

    ★ Selling old Instagram Accounts ★ Real followers ★ HandMade★ Phone APP + 4G + Yahoo + Real Sim ★★

    Hello BHW Members, I have been selling Instagram accounts for about 2 years, sold more then 150 accounts so you can expect professional attitude, honesty and fair prices. The accounts are 2 years old, they have avoided every "instagram ban hammer" so far because they were manually created...
  2. D

    Hello Everybody, it’s Dead Here

    Hi I’m dead.
  3. 007accs

    ✅⚛️Fresh, Grown, Aged, Custom Niche ❤️INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS❤️ for SALE [Starting at 0.15$ per acc]⚛️✅

    ⚛️ WHAT IS THIS SERVICE? ⚛️ Are you tired of creating your own IG accounts and spending days figuring how to do it without getting blocks/bans/PVs etc.? This is the place for you. I can provide custom niche created accounts depending on your needs. How I do it? You will tell me your desired...
  4. kib0rg

    Methods of masslooking story

    Hey everyone! Who can tell me please, how its possible to make masslooking stories in IG? I know there is some methods. Unfortunately i cant use any services who provide this feature, so i need to write my own script. As i heared there is possible to make 1.000.000 and more lookings at the same...
  5. Pro-Hustler

    This is Insane! IG engagement

    I'm growing an IG acc at the verge of 6k followers. I used the right hashtags and this happened! Insights from latest post:
  6. micleclark

    How to Get Best Follow Back Ratio?

    Hay guys, I need a little bit recommendation from you. How to get higher follow back ratios from my sources. Please recommend which is best follow back ratio from [sources "follower" "Liker" or "Commenters"]. Sorry for my bad English:(
  7. theylite

    2000 account IG+Proxy ????

    Hi Guys i start doing IG+CPA this month , i bought 50 account 30 of them banned. i'm running 20 account Now , and i need to create my own account . to grow my business. can you guys suggest me best way to do it thank you.
  8. Tony Fiasco

    Instagram monetization 150 Accounts total: 562k Followers

    Right now I have around 150 accounts and 562k Followers in total + a Couple/Relationship niched account with around 50k Followers. The initial idea was to create a big network and dominate one niche in order to get a promotion-contract/collab with a larger company. Even though this project is a...
  9. sesamee

    How to safely transfer IG account from one proxy to another?

    Soon, I will have 3 IG accounts up for sale ( all about 8-10k followers ) They all run on different proxy, have e-mails created on those proxies, and one of them is phone verified. How do I sell them to a potential buyer without any problems on his part? I want to do it that he/she won't have...
  10. Z

    The importance of email

    How important are the emails that you use to create your IG accounts? Do you need those emails ever again after you have created your IG account? For example if IG finds something suspicious do you ever have to verify anything trough that email you used to create the account? Or is it always...
  11. CThomasRaging

    Why Instagram Always Logs Me Out?

    Hi, it's about a few days, but a probably couple of weeks. Back in days when I used to have in the iPhone mobile Instagram app 2 - 4 profiles it all worked perfectly without any issues. I guess from the point when IG did some kind of an update it always logs me out from the app even if I log...
  12. Luka19

    [Journey] Instagram + Clickbank

    It's my first journey. I love this forum, i'm here from 2014 and I have to say that this place is goldmine. It's already 2 years that i'm earning XXXX$/monthly from Pinterest + Adsense but as I see Instagram is very popular nowadays. I want to start with it but don't want to do same as 99% of...
  13. KORO22

    About IG and MP. Can MP change account bio, info?

    I want to work with IG+MP ,but need to change my account bio, can i do i from MP?
  14. SMS seller

    how can i create ig aged account

    Hlw dude i need some help how can i create ig account or ig pva account. please tech me on pm skype. live:rn3994