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  1. R

    How to turn 2FA from pc?

    Got some IG accounts but can't use phone for some reason. IG says in order to activate 2FA, we need to use their app. Any way to activate 2FA from PC? Having second thoughts with bluestack as IG doesn't like emulators.
  2. jinxedsoul

    How do i make high quality instagram accounts ?

    i have created around 10 some got suspended immediately and 6 are running pages but engagement is dead since i switched themes too much, i want to start from scratch. should i buy a new device and buy a new phone number or can i just use one device to run all of these 6 pages+ other 3 i want to...
  3. HIccup

    Want to do Instagram Mass DM... Need some suggestions...

    Hello. I hope everyone is doing good and happy. I was thinking of doing Instagram mass DM. But I have some questions. I would love to hear the answers or any suggestions from experienced people here and anyone who has used mass DM before. 1. Can I send an affiliate link or any product link in...
  4. driulis

    Instagram Accounts - Handmade/AI Made

    Are you looking for quality Instagram accounts? Look no further. I am happy to offer accounts created with: iPhone App + 4G mobile data + Yahoo Why are these accounts a good choice? I'm glad you asked. There are multiple threads on how to make your own Instagram accounts. They explain how to...
  5. D

    IG Journey (27k-500k+ By 2021) HAPPY NEW YEARS COMING EARLY!!!

    Hello BHW peeps, I have decided in starting this business venture and Instagram growth with all of you. Right now I have two IG accounts in different niches with a combined following of 27k Followers... Both accounts will be used for business purposes in the future, but for the time being, I...
  6. I

    Instagram drop engagement problems?

    Hello bhw community always nice to interact with u so today I want to know if u have my same problem so each time I buy Instagram page with very good engagement and only 1 month later my engagement becomes bad and go's down even if I like others pics and commenting them.... So what the problem...
  7. J

    21 DAy OGE policy???

    I was trying to purchase an account and the current owner said that it will not come with the original email. I told the current owner why that is not acceptable and they replied by stating that the OGE is useless after "21 days", meaning if you change the email and the OGE does not attempt to...
  8. J

    very strange buying/selling account situations

    So in the past two days I have been directly DMing the accounts on IG. these two accounts have "selling account" on thier page. Both accounts were great, no bots, engagement was excellent and were what I needed. But the first account gave me their paypal and I sent it via good and...
  9. crystalwiz

    Is there ever permanent fake Instagram followers?

    I'm just wondering whether anyone has ever purchased IG followers that has not left their account yet. How long since your bought the followers?
  10. DonPato

    I can't post to my Instagram anymore :((((

    I was just hit with phone verification when I tried to post, after the PV whenever I try to post anything nothing gets posted anymore after the "finishing up" nothing gets posted.. what does this mean? What do I do now?
  11. Milagro

    I need 100k real IG follows

    Anybody selling real iG followers ? I need about 100k follows top Africa
  12. Milagro

    Anyone offering IG account Verification Here ?

    Hello I want to blue tick verified IG account , if you can do it please DM ! Trusted people only
  13. J Lyrix

    IG IP address hack for more engagement

    Hey there. I am a rapper who needs help boosting my IG account. Somebody recently showed me a hack where it involves the IP address if im not mistaken. He refuses to tell me though lol. I also think he uses a separate account to post that helps in some way. Im not sure if its through stories...
  14. andro320

    How to revive an old instagram account

    Hey guys I would need some help in reviving an account in men fashion niche. Here is the ig: @men.fashion.life If you have any tips or suggestions please leave them in the comments. How could I brand my account and how can I get likes and engagement back up? Does anyone have a good Instagram...
  15. ncikman

    Instagram disabled my account wrongly

    Last year instagram disabled my account for “sexual content” this is incorrect because the account is a sports betting page. I contacted Instagram through the “if you think this is a mistake let us know” option and no response. I tried 10 times over the year. Send me a dm if you can do this...
  16. GreyHatHacks

    PICTURE THIS...you're dating an IG influencer with 240k Followers

    I have my own agenda for this that I plan to stick to BUT.... I'm curious to know what YOU would do with this... 240k+ Followers Account type = Public Figure / Model Engagement rate of 5 - 10% Predominately male following (shocker) No specific niche identifier (i.e. beauty/cosmetics, fashion...
  17. geek8

    IG account with real and active followers!!

    As the title says!! Where can I purchase such account ??
  18. lowlyricz

    After purchasing babes IG Accounts

    Oiii BHW community! So I've just had bought two babes accounts and wanted to completely switch them to e-com without having to lose a huge amount of those folloers, I was thinking of either POD & narrow to a niche (t-shirts, hoodies etc.) or promote some tech products a long with ads. Most of...
  19. kinsta

    ★ Selling old Instagram Accounts ★ Real followers ★ HandMade★ Phone APP + 4G + Yahoo + Real Sim ★★

    Hello BHW Members, I have been selling Instagram accounts for about 2 years, sold more then 150 accounts so you can expect professional attitude, honesty and fair prices. The accounts are 2 years old, they have avoided every "instagram ban hammer" so far because they were manually created...
  20. B

    SOS! Ig Account Creation PROBLEMS!

    Hello guyes well what i'm trying to do is to make some money using CPA+IG method! till now created only two IG accounts, the rest i'm having a lot of problem even thought i use Multi-memu with diffrent device ids and a new proxy in each one! i'm getting sick of, and now gmail is demanding phone...