ifttt backlink buil

  1. D

    I need some help.

    Question: does anyone know a software to automate ifttt rings creation for SEO purpose?
  2. Nathan Conner

    IFTTT Link Wheel Software?

    Does this method of backlinking still work? I was wondering if there was any tools or software available that creates multi-tiered IFTTT Iink wheels. I have built several automated Azon affiliate sites created with ShopMozo and wanted to syndicate the RSS feed of each site.
  3. gman777

    IFTTT seo

    Member Bigbuddy's Ifttt seo service? Can someone explain me the concept of that IFTTT please? I know that it ain't the holy grail of seo, and it's not "the guy" who does the heavy lifting, however, having an automated tool to generate links for diversity/anchor dilution/foundation, seems like...
  4. minhftw

    Smart to have affiliate links on your branded Web2.0s?

    Hi BHW members, Would it be smart to add your affiliate links a post on your $$$ site, and then let it syndicate (using IFTTT recipes) out to your branded web 2.0s? I'm using Pretty Link to cloak. I appreciate for all of the responses in advance
  5. A

    Hello my name is not important but...

    I'm an Internet addict, just like most of you here. I need help on how to put the following tools to help me succeed in IM. Now I have GSA, SB, A/B Mail Scraper, IFTTT Backlink Commando,Wicked Article Creator, Best Spiinner and the latest Web 2.0 bookmarked offered here. Last but not least a...