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  1. R

    Can i get the data by using Iframe? Please answer

    Can I get the data of the customer putting their details in an affiliate link by using Iframe? Like if i am running an ad of solar panel leads offer and people are putting their data on the affiliate link (advertiser's landing page, not mine) and i want to have the data they're providing like...
  2. Prize Poet

    Hitleap with Mylikes

    Hitleap Uses
  3. bornformoney

    Is there a way to hide fb traffic from my network seeing it?

    Helo BHW :family1: so let's say I got an email submit offer for free ipad...so i'll make a WH site with only just the real offer sittin there...[i contacted my AM about the social media traffic and she said it is allowed but I can't have any viral sharing and also iframing is allowed] so...
  4. C

    Expert Needed for Advise and I will pay you fot it.

    Hi, I will start by saying that I have been a member here for over a year and always love to come back and read around threads and learn. I now need help and I don't pretend to get it for free like many people do here, so I am willing to pay decently to the right person who can help me with what...
  5. PeeWeeDee

    How to iframe an offer that has Multiple Pages

    I would like to know how to iframe an offer that has multiple pages. I say the post about framing a two page offer. I have success with the cpaframer on a single page offer, but the offer i like to frame has 5 pages and the pay is very high. Anyone know how to iframe a 5 page offer WITHOUT...
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