1. Dr Doomain

    [METHOD] Making a killing with IDNS

    Hey Blackhatters, This is my first post as a Junior VIP, but I've been on this forum since 2008 (with a different profile), and now I would like to give back to the community. I want to share the method that made me money online for the first time more than 10 years ago. Although many things...
  2. T

    IDN and SEO

    Hi all I have been following a lot of journeys and getting pumped to start something. I have a nice niche but it is very region specific (my country). I was looking at domains for the site and i found a great one that is free but it is an IDN (letters with accents). Was just wondering if...
  3. P

    International Domain Names - How do they affect SEO?

  4. H

    New IDN, i don't get it....

    News today telling about new ICANN international domain names, but this is old news. anybody knows what is this new IDN plan and will it create new available domains?
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