1. F

    Lurker for years...

    I guess it's about time I registered. I made some good money in IM back in the day - the good ol' days of the Internet before the CAN-SPAM act (and um other things). I got deflated after those glorious days came to an abrupt end. Now I'm back and ready to leach off everyone else's expertise with...
  2. Degen

    Goodluck ranking 'idiot'

    Don't turn this political! This is just an example of how ranking works. I just want to know why she would google 'idiot' in the first place.
  3. Mr Cracker

    This man's lost bitcoin are now worth $75m – and under 200,000 tonnes of garbage

    Source: Here FYI - I added some tags on the thread for fun.
  4. LikeaSir

    What's your thoughts on people who do this...

    hxxps:// Thoughts? It would be a shoddy attempt to build a Private Blog Network (PBN) without covering Whois info etc. But to actively report people? Not cool. Google has an army of self proclaimed "SEO gurus" that are just a bunch of "tattle...
  5. T

    This dude is crazy and he makes a killing on youtube. Would you do this?

    This crazy nut makes a killing from doing these type of videos on youtube. Downing bottles of patron, absinthe, whiskey. Eating glue, pencil erasers, toilet paper. Discuss..
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