idea list

  1. saulop

    Can we make money on a free wifi network?

    a while ago I saw a passive income proposal where you use your wifi network open to everyone, is to provide your network for free to people around your device, they will use your wifi for free in exchange for watching an google ads or any other cpm network, this company offers the device and a...
  2. TeslaFan

    Ideas needed: What Can I sell to small busineses on monthly for relatively passive income?

    I’m looking for some ideas to generate some monthly income, but I want it to be as passive as possible and I want to bill every month automatically. I have tried to start and agency and sell SEO and failed. I’m hoping someone will come up with a bright idea here to help me. I think I can email...
  3. Capstok123

    I want to become a web analist any tricks of tips you van five?

    I love online marketing, know how to build websites (Wordpress mainly) know a litlle HTML, but I really enjoy creating insights through data analysis. Gathering and combining data from Social platforms, website behaviour and SEM results to create new insights or inspiration for new campaigns. It...
  4. DigiDomain

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