Ideas needed: What Can I sell to small busineses on monthly for relatively passive income?


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Mar 6, 2015
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I’m looking for some ideas to generate some monthly income, but I want it to be as passive as possible and I want to bill every month automatically. I have tried to start and agency and sell SEO and failed.

I’m hoping someone will come up with a bright idea here to help me. I think I can email, PPC or do direct mail to say dentists, lawyers or similar and I know how how get lists of their addresses but I need something to sell them. I’ll share some ideas that I have been considering maybe that will will show you what direction I’m trying to go and you can help me get there.

Idea #1: Private label software of some sort that is monthly and people can’t go around me. But I have no idea what software businesses are willing to pay $10 to $100 per month to me and where to get it licensed.

Idea #2: Develop an app that businesses need and will pay me monthly to use it. The cons on this one is that I have to pay someone on upwork or somewhere else to develop it and I use to deal with developers 99% of them are with no common sense you have to explain every tiny detail where to click what color etc… and I don’t have the time to micromanage like that. Plus I don’t have an idea right now.

Idea #3: Monitoring on-line alert service. Maybe there is software where I can just monitor and give them reports once a month for say $29 something like that so they are alerted if someone has said something bad or good and they have a nice report every-month. It will be not to much work and I can just buy the software to run this. What do you think will businesses buy something like this?

Idea #4: Association/Mastermind. Start some kind of association for a niche say dentists or roofers etc. Then for say $19 per month they get services like updates, alerts, software, a mastermind meeting (zoom), recording, training etc… This would be a bit less passive in the start but more and more passive as it grows. Probably the hardest idea to pull off but maybe easier to sell some might join so they are not left out and they can say they are members of the Roofers Association etc…

Well that is it for now.

How can I sell something that is not to time consuming to businesses that they would want? Please share any ideas you have no matter how wild they would be maybe it will lead to something.

I’m looking forward to your replies.
How good are you at selling? That will be the key!
@TeslaFan You want us to give you ideas on how you can make money B2B?.
Sounds like you need to do more research. Essentially all you need is on this forum.
Just do more digging.
PLUS this has been spoken about like 10000000000000000000000000 times on google. I tend to do deep research before asking a virtual human. Because most question have been asked and answered fully. You just gotta do better research.
Plus this stuff borders on peoples livelyhoods, the chance they will tell you what works now for them is slim. Just my view.
Honestly, guy. This just reads as 'tell me how to make money while doing as little as possible.'

You literally have just told everyone you cannot be fucked to do the work, but want to have your cake and eat it too!

Why not start a thread talking about your failed SEO agency so you can find out why it failed and rebuild it.
I agree with @SEOzack you dont know how to develop a product, you need somebody else to get the leads and if they do you are ok at selling. Not exactly a recipe for success is it?

It does not matter what product anyone suggests, you don't know how to get leads for it, so it will fail.

So, looking into my crystal ball...

Your next thread will be "how do you get leads for x product?"
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