1. V

    IBP and Easy PHP

    I would like to optimize the SEO'S sites that I make in locally before putting them on the net. Is there a way to do it with IBP? I tried to put the url / ..... on the home screen and it says invalid url Thanks in advance to all the experts that will give me an answer
  2. C

    Tool to analyze the error of our site ...

    Friends, I would like your opinions on the best software to analyze the function of sites like IBP, in relation to competitors and key words. explaining: -What is the best software to analyze your website? (if someone put the link version of the "free" I thank you!)
  3. W

    Can i promote Affilate link using IBP (Internet business promoter) ?

    Hi,I am a regular Reader of This Forum.I need Help about IBP. I allready buy It.But i dont know how to use it ?I want to Promote my Site,and also My affiliate link.Is It possible to promote Affiliate link by using IBP ?Please give me information about It,with helpful info.Help me by...
  4. rashri

    IBusiness Promoter - Guaranteed Top 10 rankings (How Good is it )

    Any One Have experience with IBusiness Promoter (IBP) ? Thay Give guarantee about top 10 Google rankings . Any one can share their experience and tips ? Thanks
  5. O

    IBP Business vs. SEO PowerSuite Enterprice

    Hi, need help for the decision. Want push my SEO Business with new Clients an want buy - IBP Business or-SEO PowerSuite Enterprice Price is the same with 399,- USD. just try both, IBP is faster, but PowerSuite is comprehensive. What software should I buy? :33:
  6. R

    IBP ( Internet Business Promoter ) free Download for link building

    Wow i find IBP with serial key, it is not easy to find it, have fun with it and build your links. :croc::croc:Have Fun With Your Great SEO working.
  7. ReFanO

    Internet Business Promoter - IBP Business Edition Reviews

    Im Using IBP 11.6. i got 1pr for my single page web site. Post any idea for IBP.
  8. partsman

    Hello from the Great White North!!!

    New to the forum and became a donor right away, heard nothing but good things about this place... Hope to meet alot of you guys on here>>> so much Talent...
  9. nanotechno

    Is IBP free?

    I'm downloading the "free" version right now. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to pay for it later down the road or is it pretty much free SEO software?
  10. S

    IBP -vs- Senuke ( stupid question?)

    Hey guys ! well I'm in a bit of a dilemma..... internet business promoter or senuke? IBP has a top 10 ranking guarantee and dose not have monthly charges, on the other hand, senuke dose like a million different things that ibp dose... I am unsure which I should buy first, the...
  11. g111k

    WebCEO vs IBP for Offline SEO Services?

    Please help to decide between the two! After doing a lot of SEO the ghetto way, I'd like to take on more offline clients... and for this I need to look more professional, as well as organize shit more efficiently. As far as I know WebCEO and IBP are the 2 products dominating this market... The...
  12. S

    Have I been shafted by Google?

    I have created a website specifically focussing on one keyword and ensuring everything I have done has been white hat.So why have I been penalised by Google? I did all the right things, such as creating backlinks from associated websites and also adding original content. Over the weeks I have...
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