hydra network

  1. Z

    Question about social network cpa promotion

    I was looking through various email submit offers available through Hydra network and reading the different promotion methods prohibited on the offers. One method frequently mentioned is social netorking. What social networking methods would get you in trouble. Like can I build linkwheels...
  2. kevin09

    HYdra Netework.....

    Hey fellas , I have been running a campaign for credit check and craigslist , and I have been cloaking my affiliate link with offto.net , now they just suspended my account . What should I tell them? what are they seeing where the leads are coming from ?
  3. R

    What can I expect from Hydra?

    I've recently signed up for a few CPA networks such as NeverBlue, COPEAC, and Hydra. Hydra has been the first one to respond to my application and has requested that I call for a phone interview. So my question to you guys is what can I expect from Hydra? I have a weight loss niche site so I...
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