What can I expect from Hydra?


Oct 31, 2008
I've recently signed up for a few CPA networks such as NeverBlue, COPEAC, and Hydra. Hydra has been the first one to respond to my application and has requested that I call for a phone interview. So my question to you guys is what can I expect from Hydra?

I have a weight loss niche site so I will be focusing on health related leads first. Do they a good amount of weight loss leads such as acai berry?

Also, I've only tried to contact my affiliate rep once and she did not answer but I have a question about the interview process. The only thing that I am concerned about is what types of questions they ask. Is is just related to how you will be promoting their offers or do they ask about your age, location, etc.?

All responses are much appreciated.
Thank you for the useful response orders. I appreciate it.

I called up my affiliate rep earlier tonight and it was similar to what you posted. I though the interview went good for the most part and she said that she would transfer my application to some review department and that I would hear back within 24 hrs.

Now, as I said I though everything went smoothly in the interview but I'm a bit worried. Is this the normal procedure? Was I supposed to get accepted right then and there or does this mean I wasn't accepted.
^ Umm, thats not exactly what happened to me. I got accepted after the first phone call. So yeah somethings probably up.

Alot of CPA companies seem to be tightening their controls and procedures nowadays. Hydra is pretty hardcore on that, lol I had a post on it earlier. Also CPA empire too. Same thing.

If they told you they'll "get back to you later" they basically told you they did'nt hear what they wanted to hear.

How did you sound on the phone and what did you say on your application?
maybe you need this ebook

let me know your email
i send detail to get approved
When you call CPA networks.

make sure you sound like a pro
and doing ppc for a long time.

I mean you really know your game.

They want to hear that you play
your game well.

Even if they decline your application.It
does not matter. Rehearse and again
sign up with the networks that denied
you with a different email.

But all you have to make sure that you
can make money and make them money.
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