http referer

  1. M

    Masking https referer to gateway

    Hey Mad Hatters, Anyone know how to mask, rewrite, or cloak the http referer that a website communicates to a merchant gateway when processing a transaction? Apparently merchant processors don't like when you send through transactions from websites they haven't previously approved. From my...
  2. Lutherblissett

    Referrer Tutorial - How to Check Referrer Wireshark & HTTP Fox

    There is a great thread on here about 'faking' and 'blanking' the referrer. READ THREAD HERE. In fact there are a lot of great threads here on techniques to use with the referrer from DMR, to nested frames, . . and the list goes on. However, I feel like a lot of people here have no idea how to...
  3. B

    HELP ME! Test My Cloaking Tool, all you need to do is Click One Button

    Hi there Thanks everyone here for helping me develop my HTTP Referer mastering tool. Please go to this page: and click the "Start Test" button, them Post your result below. It will test Hide HTTP Referer ability in GET and POST, and Spoof HTTP Referer...
  4. B

    $20 Review - Short Url, Hide Referer and Fake Referer

    Hi there I want you review as well as test my new site and the new tool about short a url, hide http referer and fake http referer. The site url is: I don't care about your rank, I am not buying links here, I am looking for some real visitors for my site and hope get real...
  5. B

    Short a URL with Hide or Fake Referer!!!

    Hi there I think this is the best affiliate link cloaking tool ever. Short a URL, with Hide HTTP Referer or Fake Referer, and even you can used on your own domain name. What else do you want? Just let me know, I will make it right for you.
  6. B

    New Hide HTTP Referer Tool, Need Tester, $10 Reward

    Hi there, I am busy making a new Hide HTTP Referer tool on I need people test my new tool before public release, since it's totally free, so I cannot reward everyone helps. I will reward you ONLY when you: 1: fully test the tool at platform other than windows 2000, XP and browser...
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