html website templates

  1. OhHiMark

    Is Getting HTML Templates using HTTrack still viable?

    Hello, So I'm looking at ways to get premium HTML templates for free from places like Themeforest. Some people simply claim you can do this by simply downloading the site preview with something like HTTtrack. But is this best practice to getting these HTML templates? I've used the search and...
  2. M

    HTML Responsive Websites!! Quality and Dirt Cheap Website Designing Service Start from $80

    *** Thread closed - evidence of fake reviews, seller has not supplied required information ***
  3. S

    Help Making Or Finding A Wordpress Optin Script or Box

    I'm wondering is someone can tell me how t get a wordpress optin that comes from the bottom of the screen to work? When the site is visited it comes up about 1 inch from the bottom of the screen to input a name and email, auto responder info in there about 5 seconds once the site is visited...
  4. M

    open source design

    The rise of the open source design movement has seen a slow but steady rise in the community of open source designers. Some sites offer open source templates in addition to other content. As of this writing there are over 4000 unique cheap web templates available for modification and use by...
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