1. H

    anyone who knows how to use hrefer well?

    i've never harvest link list before, but i want to harvest it by myself by using hrefer but don't know how to do it; looked up youtube but there're only oldddddd videos anyone who can teach me how to do this? or knows where hrefer guideline is?
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone bought XEVIL??? I am Confused - XRUMMER + XEVIL Subscription Pricing details...

    I need xevil but all i can see the below pricing option So, it will be a single option like XRumer + XEvil + Hrefer + SocPlugin = 400$ for 5 installs + 10$ in addition every month is that 10$ mandatory on every month or only for the months that we want to use them? i mean can we stop using...
  3. liber77

    Only a few hundred hits with hrefer

    I'm new to hrefer and xrumer. I'm trying to scrape some search terms. According to google it's over 600k hits. When I try to scrape I only get a few hundred results. I want to scrape tens of thousands of results. Do I need paid proxies to do that? Do I have to use additive words?
  4. flashsites

    XRumer "no post sending forms are found" [HELP]

    Hi XRumer users, Anyone have a solution to this issue? "no post sending forms are found" I've run a campaign with fresh links pulled from Hrefer with new proxies and after 5500 links...only 26 successful and the rest are "REST"!!! 90% of the REST have this error. I went to the page and...
  5. N

    anyone have tutorial of hrefer

    help me
  6. D

    2016 10 21 XRUMER Proxies /proxyc/ Link

    Hi, I just setup a new /proxyc/ for a couple of personal projects. Proxies are scraped 24/7 and list is updated every 6000 seconds. Please note this will not work for HREFER. Enjoy. I can not promise I will leave it running forever but for now it is open for public use.
  7. M

    Need help with XRUMER and HREFER (Blasting Emails and Contact us pages)

    I'm looking for an experience person who has used XRUMER and HREFER before. I need you for the next 3-4 weeks. I need help with setting up my Xrumer / Hrefer program for myself and for blasting to forums with my website or contacting people through contact forms. You must speak good English...
  8. M

    help with Hrefer

    I need to teach Hrefer how to scrape and parse links of CONTACT FORMS. Any one can help me with it? What should I have on sieve filters and additive words?
  9. M

    Need someone to run xRumer from New York

    I'm looking for someone who is very familiar with all the procedures and features of xRumer and hrefer. The qualifications are as follows: Must be able to communicate in English. Must be able to work in-office. (Staten Island, NY) Experience with xRumer/Hrefer. Knowledgeable of white hat and...
  10. thecontractman

    Seo tutor / teacher

    Seo tutor required to help set-up and instruct us on our SEO tools - software, applications bots, 5 x days' work (please advise your hourly rate $) and you will need Skype Video and Teamviewer for communications + good english: You will have good experience with most of the following...
  11. X

    Getting started with Hrefer and Xrumer

    Hi guys, I've recently begun working with Hrefer and Xrumer. The documentation and resources I've been able to find so far have been pretty spotty. If anyone here could point me towards some good learning material I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. L

    Hrefer how to use private proxy?

    I bought 50 private proxies several days ago. But I dont know how to use it into my software, who can help me? Give me some tips and detailed steps. Thanks.
  13. M

    looking for proxy scraping urls for Hrefer

    Anyone know of any decent urls to post into Hrefer for scraping proxies? Most of the ones on my list arent very good and Im down to only getting around 150 proxies on a fresh scrape from within Hrefer. Many thanks in advance!
  14. D

    1000+ Working Proxies in XRUMER / HREFER all the time for free

    I will tell my technique to 10 BHW members, any more will probably kill it. JNR VIP+ only, keep it to yourself, you need a domain + hosting. My proxy update in XRUMER / Hrefer takes around 5 minutes (200 threads in the proxy checker) Once 10 people know I will delete this thread. PM me for...
  15. A

    Help Needed For HREFER

    Hi i want some help with Hrefer Proxy setting.In Hrefer there is a folder Proxyc that has a a file called list there are many urls from botmaster.When i add a url in Hrefer proxy setting.It show 0 proxies.Do i need to add proxies in xproxy.txt file located in Hrefer folder or it will extract...
  16. C

    How to add baidu in hrefer serch engines?

    Hi, I want do add baidu serch engine to hrefer, can help me please with code I need to add in engines.ini tanks
  17. H

    Xrumer Expert Wanted

    I need somebody experienced in Xrumer and Hrefer to optimize the setup of both on a blazing fast dedicated server and help my outsourcer learn the ins and outs of Xrumer so he can then maintain the software and linklist databases. You'll need to know all about Xrumer obviously and xas_AI files...
  18. 2

    hrefer proxies

    hey, can anyone recommend of a good proxy site for hrefer? i am samair and some bunch but they are so little and very slow, really appreciate it, thanks, 2dayz
  19. 2


    hello, i'm a newbie in this forum and in the seo world i own an hrefer a i was wondering if someone can give me good advice on how to find good forum, with an high pr and one where i can put backlinks, i'm getting big lists but the quality is very low, i'm probably doing something wrong...
  20. seomonopolist

    Unclear what Successful in Xrumer really means

    I am in register only mode and am going through a list of 434,000 forums. I have a lot of successfuls but when I open the .txt file and check them I cannot find my link anywhere. The only place I have been able to verify my link is in the Profiles tab. Are the successful's worthless? Also...
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