how to index

  1. ivanawijaya

    What to do if PBN hard to indexed?

    Hi all first of all sry i want to ask again because i am going to a dead end with some PBN that hard to post. I had some issue like some PBN is only getting indexed in homepage but the other page not getting indexed. if something like this happen what should i do? should i post new article to...
  2. I

    How to index My MNS ?

    Hi friends i created a MNS site a week ago(everything finished with off site SEO) but till now google is not indexing my site?..what is the reason?..can i try adding to google webmaster tools? will index my site?..Please help me with this
  3. Ramsweb

    Some help with indexing pages please?

    Hello all This is my first post and I am very much a newbie, so please pardon what may seem to a stupid question. I have a niche website. The main domain page is indexed but I also have 4 other internal pages that are not indexed. I have links to the 4 internal pages on the page that is...
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