how much

  1. Izuki

    How much $/day do you wanna earn by the end of 2020

    Hi everyone, 2019 is almost over. Hope you all had a prosperous year with lot's of new knowledge and money gained. Let's all set a goal/expectation for ourselves in 2020. This way we can have a real goal to work towards in the next year. I will start first :) I want to earn $300 a day by the...
  2. B

    How much does this forum make a year.

    I thought forums were dead in this day and age and the only thriving ones were reddit which is basically loads of forums in one but I was wrong. I am fairly new here and I have realised that there is money to be made on bhw. I know people can make money selling on the marketplace but how much...
  3. E

    How much to charge for this SEO Campaign ?

    Hi Guys, I hope Im posting this thread in the right section... I would like to know your thoughts about this project for my Potential SEO Client. I don't really know what I should charge him and how hard it will be to rank the website for this keywords since the competition is mostly Wikipedia...
  4. ziadhorat

    How much can i get for a twitter account with about 10k followers

    Hi,im new here and i just want to know how much people will pay? Obviously all are not realy about 30% are fake,so how much will you pay for a twitter or instagram account with 10k followers?
  5. BryanNikson

    How Much Do You Make On iWriter?

    I created an account yesterday, and have earned $6 since. This kind of motivates me to write much more. I really can't wait until I get onto Elite and stuff. inb4 lol iwriter sucks I know right? It actually sucks more that I'm an Indian. Can't write elsewhere.
  6. M

    does nitche porn tube sites still work?

    does nitche porn tube sites still work? how many of them would you need to make a decent income ? best method for them is to have a bunch of videos or quality ones ?
  7. V

    How much should I charge for PPC?

    Hey guys, I own a NSFW tumblr with 57k followers. Thanks to BHW I had my first client ever and I charged him only $5 to be promoted on my tumblr. He has a very different niche than mine, but I was still able to drive over 100 people to his website. The promotion is still going on so in the end...
  8. Adrian112

    2014 And counting..

    Hi, I'm new member here, but old guy in web business. Now, I started this thread to ask you: HOW MUCH money have you made in 2014. until now and which type earned you most of your money (PPD, PPC, PPV...)? - My answer is 500$ (Adsense only). :)
  9. sapmi

    Really need help selling website/package

    Hi Guys, I'm in need of a bit of money at the moment, so I'm thinking of selling my site, so I'm wondering how much I could ask for it and whether or not I am able to sell this on flippa. First of all, the site was established 16 months ago, with 5 pages of original content. Over the past...
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