1. deedee1whoa

    Removing hotlinked images embedded online in 1 click

    Remember that famous little pic? :) Situation. Upload photos and share them (embedd/hotlink) on your blog/site/forums publicly, but when you decide to take them down, you just go back to the file upload service, find the one you want gone and just delete it so it automatically disappears...
  2. hentaiixxx

    HELP! How To Prevent These Hackers Leeching, Cloaking, or Iframing My Site?

    Please oh, Guru's of the blackhatworld! please help! I don't know what "terms" to search for in Google to find a method to prevent these hackers or people totally CLOAKING my site, and putting their logo's and ads on them!? how are they doing it? Is it iFrame? Leechings? Hotlinking? How Do I...
  3. Apsconsus

    Amazon Affiliate: Usage of images without getting banned

    Hi guys, I've only made this thread because I literally could not find a definitive answer anywhere, and there were A LOT of contrary answers. Quite simply my amazon site is going to be review shortly and I want to ensure that I am doing everything correctly. I actually called amazon customer...
  4. P

    it is possible to remove hotlinking?

    it is possible to remove(work around) hotlinking?
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