1. D

    Scraping EMAIL data from Airbnb

    Hello, Is it possible to scrape hosts, name, email data and property location? I have a travel project and being able to later email marketing Airbnb hosts would be of a good help potentially. If anyone believe can be done, please let me know. Thanks, DMT69
  2. T

    Registrars and hosts that accept Amazon Payments?

    Anyone know any domain name registrars and web hosts that accept Amazon Payments for payment? For the time being I have more money on there than anywhere else. Amazon used to have a nice directory of sites that accepted AP but that seems to be gone now. Thanks.
  3. A

    web hosting that allow torrents sharing websites

    hi, i want to launch a website that share torrents files for movies but i don't know which web hosting allow it i don't need a huge bandwidth or space because it's just for Arabic audience
  4. creativeway

    Any good VPS host for Australia?

    Hi, anyone know and use any good VPS hosts for Australia for an reasonable price? Also my internet speed is only 7mbps, is that enough?, because I have tried a German company and it is quite laggy. cheers
  5. S

    Why does my system "hosts" file keep resetting

    Hi, I've just noticed that when I check my systems 'hosts' file it seems to be resetting itself. I'm not sure if this is been done by my anti virus software when it updates or if its happening when I start up my PC. I have windows XP and I'm running the free version of Avast. Here's what's...
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