hosting deals

  1. LeapOfFaith

    Cheap hosting deals for July and next month?

    I only know of inmotion hosting running a 66% discount (not affiliated with them in any way) but they are still a bit out of my range. Does any one know any upcoming discounts or promos for hosting? Please share
  2. AnujSharma662

    Best Affiliate Program

    Anyone can suggest me Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program.
  3. sujoydhar

    Grab Three Month Free CloudAxis Premium Managed Hosting

    Hi Guys , Check out the Best managed hosting of hosting which is providing Three Months Premium Managed Hosting with CloudFlare Railgun Boost of the websites . The CloudAxis is providing the following benefits : Free Hosting for 3 months 10 GB Disc Space Premium...
  4. sanj108

    Thinking to Buy an established Adult website

    Hey, I'm not sure if making investment into this would be an wise idea but I'd like to give this a try using affiliate banners around. Place as many ads as possible - just not making it ugly :D What do you think? With that being said I also look for a site that is not that old but gets good...
  5. sikandar

    List of $1 Web Hosting Sites

    If you're planning to build your own PBN on a budget, here is a list of hosting providers which offer cheap hosting for around $1 per month. All sites are working and I personally use them for building my blog network. If you know any more sites, please feel free to share them in comments...
  6. R

    Good and fast Magento hosting

    Hello everyone. I need fast and stabile hosting for my Magento shop. I found this : . Can you recommend it to me or do you have any recommendations to any other fast hosting? I have been using but is is not what i want right now. Thanks for...
  7. Teotech

    [GIVEAWAY - BETA] - Free Shared Hosting

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 04/15/2014 ---- Hello, As some of you may know i am a tech savvy guy and having some free time to spent i did install a Cloudlinux OS server with WHM/Cpanel and also Fantastico as add on. I should mention that WHM/CPANEL and fantastico are in trial but fully functional with...
  8. greenghost

    [Giveaway] Premium Web Hosting for 6 months

    Hi Mates, Its been a long time I am with this awesome forum. I have learned a lot of stuffs here and I like to start contributing with giving away Free Webhosting for first 20 members for 6 months. All I need you to be a member of this forum for at least 6 months and have decent amount of...
  9. H

    Netfirms $1 Hosting

    Unlimited hosting @ Netfirms $1 for first year. Sale ends nov. 30
  10. sfidirectory

    Looking for host with free domain transfer + website migration +pay monthly

    Hi everyone, So I want to join the GoDaddy exodus (have had tooo many problems with them in the past and load times are bad) and am looking for a provider that is: NOTHING like GoDaddy (their owners shouldn't kill elephants either!) Has free domain name transfer (want to move my domain name...
  11. N

    Best (cheapest) hosting for a WP blog

    Hello, I bought a domain for one of my blogs, and I would like to play a little bit with it. It's a WP blog, and I update it once-twice a week. I also wanted to install and update some plugins, but I noticed that some things are a can't-do, since it's not hosted on my own hosting. As a...
  12. Owlpic

    i_Pag_e h0sting for $1.98/month paid annually/biennially

    Hi friends, I was fed up with, without testing their platform they cameout with shred hosting with cPanel in Clouds. Lots of downtimes, I just quit updating my sites Today I was just looking for some options for getting some nice hosting. I heard in lots of forums that i_Pa_ge...
  13. michelle2002

    Ultimate Hosting From(

    Hostingzilla has been recognized by WebHosting Top as a reliable hosting company, which offer top quality hosting service, support and customer's satisfaction. They have lots of experience in web hosting and technology consulting services. MyHosting offers a wide rang of hosting plans (shared...
  14. parlenk

    Siteground: 10$ for a year hosting promo

    Dear friend, If you need web hosting, here is an unbeatable offer by my provider SiteGround for the Holidays. <-- aff link or They give one year full hosting plus a FREE domain name and 5 FREE extra...
  15. Blueprint

    Foreign hosting Australia...

    I am looking for foreign hosting in the following countries, would you be able to recommend and services? The actual hosting NEEDS to be hosted in the country, not just offering from this country and then hosted in America: Sweden Australia South Africa Please let me know, either PM or...
  16. M

    x-cart gold latest version - will give free shell #bash on fast server hosting

    i'm after the latest version of x-cart gold i'll give you hosting account with shell acess much space as you need run xrummer mas mailer what ever you want from my server.. :-) needed asap also i have ##financial-planning-advice . co .uk domain / blog that i started and didnt...
  17. fakeplastictrees

    Best SEO Hosting

    Hey All, I just wanted to say that I am using the hosting below and I give it an A++ The SEO hosting comes with different options and the owner (Vijay) guarantees the best prices available. So far the support has been excellent and the options are awesome...
  18. tsincaat

    Is there a better hosting deal I can get then this one?

    Well, I've been looking at webhosting, and I seem to have found a pretty good deal. Hopefully this thread might help some others who might be looking at hosting as well and wondering who to try. At, they offer a plan with the following features Disk Storage at signup...
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