i_Pag_e h0sting for $1.98/month paid annually/biennially

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    Hi friends,

    I was fed up with sitecloud.com, without testing their platform they cameout with shred hosting with cPanel in Clouds.

    Lots of downtimes, I just quit updating my sites

    Today I was just looking for some options for getting some nice hosting. I heard in lots of forums that i_Pa_ge works good even for autoblogs.

    So I was just pondering for some coupons, got one and just got this, Get their hosting for $1.98/month paid annually/biennially

    1. First go to their site
    2. Enter domain name to be registered/transferred.
    3. In checkout page you will notice the regular price, just paste the below link in address bar and let the page load. I you get any popups just cancel them


    Remove the 3 X

    Also for fa_t_cow use the above steps with following link

    You can just increment/decrement the value in "intr03". This applies for all the hosting companies owned by these networks

    PS. I checked if this is shared anywhere here, but looks like its not.
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    Do not use ipage for autoblogs, i have used but its not what u think.
    They will limit the number of mysql queries your autoblog is using and in some days you wordress blog will throw out error saying "database connection could not be established"
    ipage is meant only for low resource usage sites.
    try bluehost (not possible for multi wordpress blog as they dont allow wildcard sub domain) OR Hostguts.com (best for such purpose and am happy with them) instead.