hosting affiliate program

  1. R

    Hostinger promo code

    Can anyone give me Hostinger promo code for 12 years package? Please help me. i'm very new.
  2. interkul

    Webhosting1st – cheap and reliable Web Hosting & VPS | 70% commissions!

    About Us: Webhosting1st was founded in March 2018. Our goal is to be a fast, reliable, and affordable hosting company. Our expert staff have been working in the Internet Marketing sector since 2011, and we have gained a wealth of experience, particularly related to web applications and server...
  3. M

    How to get client change the hosting he/she got through web developer?

    Hello, I'll start offering services to small business provided that they change their website hosting to the one I recommend them (with my affiliate link). I'll also offer website transfer for free, so that they don't have to worry about the technical stuff. It's easy when they "made" their...
  4. H

    how to choose the hosting in a 3rd world country ??

    hello everyone, a newbie here i live in a 3rd world country and i want to offer simple wordpress website to local businesses ( for free for the first few ones ) and sign them up to bluehost through my affiliate link ( to at least gain a little bit of money). But the local currency is not...
  5. Rhrich


    anyone know of another site to download a video and have an account like xvideos?
  6. Icey Dan

    Affiliate sales for web design agency?

    Hey guys. I am a web developer starting up my own agency making websites for clients - a few are already willing to hire me. I have a rookie question.. I need to get hosting and a domain name for each indivdual site I make - am I able to sign up for new hosting plans and domain accounts under my...
  7. Salman.Ahmed

    Best hosting and domain name hosting program?

    I'm writing an ebook and it will include hosting and domain site for a reader to purchase. I need your recommendations on which hosting and domain program offers best and highest converting affiliate program.
  8. Dolmaa

    I hit a wall with affiliate program?

    Im currently dabbling in web hosting affiliate programs and I am having a very hard time getting leads for some time now, my plan or method is pretty solid in terms of conversion so I have no problem getting the sale, my issue is getting the lead to begin with. I have tried targeting facebook...
  9. Reyfr

    Make money with hosting affiliate

    Hey everybody I am looking for somebody with experience with Hosting affiliate ... I can provide easy 10 daily new client from France for hosting ... Mp please
  10. Daumante

    What would motivate you in web hosting Affiliate Program?

    Hi everyone. I'm Daumante. I would like to know what are the main things that motivates you as an affiliate? If we have any web hosting affiliates here - speak up! :cool:
  11. alice252293

    I'm looking for proxies, domain, hosting, bots affiliate program

    Hi, I'm looking for proxies, domain, hosting, bots affiliate program. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. santi718

    Hi guys... Its nice to be here :)

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and express my gratitude for being a part of this community. I'm a newbie in the affiliate marketing world just recently launching my first site. I got a little taste and I WANT MORE!!! haha Its addicting and lots of fun! :) I overpaid for my...
  13. Okragula

    Want to start using wordpress, need help picking a good host

    Hello all, I am looking to start using Wordpress for a personal project of mine. However, I am new to almost all of Wordpress, and I would like to kindly ask you guys if you could give me some directions in regard to one of the following: 1) Is reliable, and good/easy to use for a...
  14. Austin Kendal

    Make money with CDNsun

    CDNsun is happy to announce that we have launched an affiliate program. Join our affiliate program and get great referral commission: 50% of the first sale of your referrals (Tier 1) and 10% of the first sale of referrals referred by affiliates referred by you (Tier 2). If you want to sign up...
  15. HoneyHelper

    Hosting affeliate programme with recurring income!?

    Hey BHW community; I am thinking to promote a hosting offer! Can you please tell me a good hosting site which offers such affiliate program (giving away nice commission)? anyone has experience in that? Thank is advance! HONEY;)
  16. P

    looking for marketing freelancers

    I am looking for marketing professionals to find clients to outsource projects on webhosting, development, DM and ecommerce. We pay on commission basis. Even the corporate agencies/companies are also welcomed to make a partnership. Diggdigital profile : Our company is Diggdigital...
  17. W

    My first attempt at earning money

    Hello im new to posting on BHW, but ive been reading the content on this forum for about a month now. I first stumbled upon it when i google "how to advertise clickbank products". Ive been reading the post in the click bank section of Making Money. I opened an account last night at around 3.00am...
  18. J

    Get $10 FREE VoIP Credit + 150 SMS Credits With Coupon 20FSNOW at Hostings24.Com

    Hey, Sign Up for Hostings24 Anual Business Plan and Get $10 FREE VoIP Calling Credit + 150 SMS Credits (Dedicated SMS Number to send & receive SMS messages) With Coupon 20FSNOW. Limited time offer! Regards
  19. A

    i want to start an adult website needs help and information regarding that

    hello friends. im very much interested in opening an adult websites.can any one tell me the ways to start the an adult website and earn money from it. i want information regarding all types of websites like hosting, affiliates anything. and pls we give me your opinions and suggestions regarding...
  20. N - PPD - $10/1.000 - Official Thread (Weekly Payouts)

    Hello fellow BH'rs I want to let you know that there's a new file host in town, I think you'll like it. :) Introduction We are a new and so far little known filehost, with the goal to provide easy and secure file sharing for our users. All our servers are based in Romania. What...
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