hire a craigslist poster

  1. RealDaddy

    $10 per Ad --- Craigslist Paid Ads posting

    Hello BHW, I need someone to post ads on craigslist for me. # The ads will be in the Gigs category [Paid ads] # Target country:- USA REQUIREMENTS:- 1. You should have a Credit card or VCC used for posting the ads. 2. Phone verified Craigslist account. 3. " I need a live ad." I WILL PROVIDE:-...
  2. D

    Craiglist posters needed

    I need someone to help me post 10 ads per day for a month. I will write the description, provide the pictures and more importantly provide the pva's. This is just a trial run for now but there is a real possibility that the next month I will keep with the posts and increase the number of...
  3. I

    regulating services for sale

    Hey guys, I ve been hiring a lot of people from the services section of the site, I havent had the best luck as far quality control and accurate reprisentation of services, I think we should do something more like what ebay does a feedback system or somewhat of quality control on services, I...
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