high cpc

  1. M

    How to show targeted Ads that relevan to keyword ?

    Hello guys i just wondering how i can show only ads that relevan to my keyword. sometimes even i have high cpc keyword but when the ads not showing about my keyword it's just useless. maybe you guys can share how to that. i am new on adsense and still learning. im trying to use viral website...
  2. kshatriya

    Super high CPC, low volume - worth it?

    I've come across a number of keywords with medium difficult with CPC over $5 and volumes around 4000 in total. Would it be worth it to target such low volumes? Also, the keyword is industrial/scientific machinery. So, I can;t exactly use amazon affiliate on this, if I decide to go ahead. Have...
  3. G

    What is your highest adsense CPC?

    Hi, Do you guys really get those $10+ $20+ $30+ CPC with adsense? I know that there are niches like insurance, law, loans that are supposed to have high CPC but when I use the Google Adwords Display Planner tool, I do not see these astonishing $10+ CPCs. I think that advertisers are paying...
  4. fxphil

    $70 CPC Would you go for this EMD? Screenshot

  5. Zemanel_

    High cpc (50$+) EMD, how much is it worth?

    I have a couple of .com with an emd for a keyword with an extremely high cpc both +50$, this keywords are on the top 100 of the best paid keywords from adsense. Do you know for how much and where could I sell them? (Rep+thanks to whom be able to help!)
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