hide referer

  1. HiddenOne

    HideMyReferrer.com - Hide Referrer URL

    As you guys are already aware, most of the hide referrer sites no longer work properly or have shut down. Hide My Referrer is a new, free website you can use to hide / blank your referrer URL that actually works. hxxps://hidemyreferrer (dot) com Enjoy!
  2. J

    Free Spoofing (Google, Twitter & more)

    My service, Hide Referrer, offers Free (and ad-free) Spoofing & Blanking of traffic sources. Check https://hidereferrer.com/
  3. andy2009

    Blank or Fake Referrer that is super super fast!

    I want to blank or fake referrer that is passed on when a popup/popunder script is executed. I have tried several methods but none work perfectly. The only methods I found so far that blank the referrer is the double meta refresh and and FORM post/get methods. When I check Analytics real-time...
  4. JohnsonDaniel

    [TUT and CODE] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script

    Here is a script I made for Content Lock Pro buyers which will provide Fake Referer functionality. I have decided to share with BHW for free - awesome for when you don't quite have the <cough> right <cough> type of traffic :) It will allow you to fake http referer when sending traffic. Spoof...
  5. minimo88

    dmurl hides the referer link automatically is true ?

    i was reading this ebook and i came across a website that the author claimed it will generate unique links and hide the referer has anyone ever used dmurlsdotinfo and does it do what the author of the ebook claimed
  6. B

    HELP ME! Test My Cloaking Tool, all you need to do is Click One Button

    Hi there Thanks everyone here for helping me develop my HTTP Referer mastering tool. Please go to this page: http://referer.us/http-referer-test.html and click the "Start Test" button, them Post your result below. It will test Hide HTTP Referer ability in GET and POST, and Spoof HTTP Referer...
  7. Abercrombie

    Faking the referrer with Commission Junction. Quick 5 bucks for an answer.

    I run a site in which I "have" or "strongly suggest" that members of my site sign up for select offers from CJ. These offers that I have members sign up for are pretty much "really good matches" and many of my members will most certainly convert for the advertisers, but if any advertiser or AM...
  8. entreprenuer

    How to hide your affiliate link for <<free>>

    hello my bhw friends! I will show you a trickery way of cloaking aff links. Some of your guys cloaking solutions is buying a domain, using tiny url ,etc. but let me tell you the problem with this type of cloaking. If you use a separate domain or link users will think its fishy because its not...
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