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  1. B

    [help] Need to find out how this was done in wordpress

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the mode of designing my site and have been researching everywhere trying to find out how a design was done on wordpress on the sidebar. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about: From what I'm thinking, it could be a widget,but the person has locked he's...
  2. major_killer

    What to do with $300 to make 2x or 3x profit? need suggestion and help

    Hello Everyone, I need help and suggestion from you guys... I have $300 in spare... which i wanted to invest or spent to make 2x or 3x profit... please give me ideas what to do with $300 to make 2x or 3x profit... which i know its not difficult in internet marketing world.. Also i...
  3. F

    new help to get indexed

    ok i created my money site 2 weeks ago and am working like this money site<<<articles with pr blogs web 2.0<<<bookmarking and arm for more juice i been working hard but no results cans someone pls help me
  4. I

    Help to Setup an AutoBlog - WPRobot Settings

    Hello Friends, I am new at autobloging and have researched a lot in this great forum. I have found that i may use WPRobot the best to setup an auto blog. Although I would like to request if some buddy may guide me to setup a proper campaign in wprobot plugin. I mean the "Post Templates"...
  5. M

    Making money form 40k daily pageviews site

    Hey guys i have a site (which has tutorials and download links and has approx 1.5k posts) which has approx. 40k pageviews daily all the traffic is white hat. What has happened is that i was earning $80-90 a day from a blackhat technique by adsense for 1 year but now they have disabled my...
  6. D

    What is the wp Plugin that makes time delays between posts?

    Hi boys and girls The question is opposite - how to protect the wp blog? The biggest problem for blogs when they grow larger is fighting spam. mostly I am using 4 musketeers: 1) aksimet (of course) 2) wp-ban (ban users by IP - full IP, or IP Range) + in one case I have banned whole...
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