1. Takurah

    What are your Dreams? |Inspiration thread

    In one short paragraph or statement I want you guys to Post: THE WHY for which we do What are your dreams? and in that paragraph OUTLINE WHAT Your Currently doing to Reach that Dream GOOD OR BAD I want to see them < so on hard days we can come back to this thread and RE FOCUS your hearts...
  2. Madruga

    What do you love 'n hate most about your country?

    The question is as simple as it seems. What I love about Romania is that you can do pretty much everything if you think outside the box on all categories. If it comes to internet, well, my 100mb dl speed makes my life and IM way more easier. Not to talk about taxes coming from IM, haha. What...
  3. liamizdabest

    OMG I hate DP

    http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=934065 I just got bannned for 7 days. WTF? What kind of rules is that. Every single person does that. It's DP required! Some snitch is just going around the forum reportng "PM me" post. I HATE DIGITAL POINT! I was just about to close a really...
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