1. Y

    Ideas to make money quick

    Hey I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for someone too teach me more on how to code . How to take the coding I learn . Turn it into money . As well as getting in business and making money with other like minded individuals. Please if you have any information or want to help me learn reach out ...
  2. G

    Pop up advertisin

    Hello, We are searching that pop-up ads virus maker. I will pay the cost could he can write me the message. Concept is He need to make our website advertisement with pop-up ads and need to find a 2 links source
  3. B

    Help Getting Facebook Marketplace Accounts Banned

    I'm trying to get a few competitors Facebook Marketplace accounts taken down and permanently banned, I've tried reporting from different accounts doesn't work, does anyone know any strategy to get a few marketplace accounts permanently taken down, basically they are just constantly spamming ads...
  4. A

    Number tracking Urgent Assignment

    Can anyone help me track the exact location of this number +91 8609596152 & +91 7608994147 it's really urgent, the correct location provider will be awarded !!
  5. J

    New to BHW!! With a big interest and money motivated!

    Hello all, I've had a little browse of a fraction of the site so far, mainly the forums and what people are chatting about. Seems interesting to say the least and some of the opportunites/advice being posted is quality, like I said I've only seen a few things so far too! I'm glad I signed up...
  6. m4virus


    - 2 questions and to many answers , writ them your opinion down and let's discuss them . what is the best method to encrypt your laptop ( which os , tools , method )? what is the best security setup to surfe internet and what do you think about penta vpn ! ( vpn through vps 5 time then to ur...
  7. dennischen

    Dicussing About Clickjacking Vulnerability

    Recently, I received a report that my website is infected by malicious. After doing research. Here is information about it. What is Click Jacking Vulnerability? 1.Click Jacking (User Interface redress attack, UI redress attack, UI redressing) is a malicious technique of tricking a Web user...
  8. K

    Hey Guys!

    I am new to this Hacking Field
  9. A

    How to fend off hackers?

    There have been numerous attempts to hack my ecommerce site. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on tackling the security problems that I have.
  10. Z

    Great Experience?

    I'm so glad ive finally found time to signup on here. This site has helped in a lot of ways. Mod Edit: Marketing aspect of post deleted.
  11. Shadexpwn

    Be Wary of Blackhatworld Automated Scraper & Phising Sites

    It has come to my attention that in many results there are loads of websites that either have aggregated auto filler websites that have content from here on them or by all means replicate the entire forum with a near same domain and Phising box attached to them. You might run across these...
  12. A

    Yella everyone.

    hey guyz m new here helloo ..:):):):):)
  13. xlcrash

    SOLUTION - New Spam Keyword “resellerclub scam” - Is your site affected???

    Do you see "ilovevitality.com", "blackhatworth.com", "hulfingtonpost.com", "priceg.com" in your Google Analytics??? It's a spam!!! It affects your SEO and rankings. Solution is HERE! Follow the steps and get rid of this Russian hackers... Some of you maybe know the trick, but this is for...
  14. K

    Which Lnaguage Is Best For Programing,And Usefull For Hackers.

    Please somebody say which language is easy and best for programming and hacking.because there are many programs like c,c++,java,phyton which is best among this please help me................................................... iam new to this form support me guys..
  15. D

    Republish restricted fanpages on Facebook

    All my facebook pages were unfairly unpublished by facebook. I need an expert who can remove this restriction from the page and get it published again either by a legitimate appeal or other legal methods. fb.com(/)mou.tin.spaei but i think the page is invissible to the audince
  16. healzer

    Secure your Business || Website Security || Analysis || Threat Management || W3Shield

  17. bertbaby

    Victom of Peristent WrodPress Hacking

    Over the past month my blogs appears to be under constant assault from some persistent hackers trying get past the wp-login. I have taken the usual precautions such as a security plugin, backups and I have access to the files directly. I can track the IPs and have been blocking some of those but...
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