1. taurin

    [Custom GPT hack] Extract Instructions + Uploaded Files from other people's GPTs

    :alien:Earlier I posted a huge table with over 8000 GPTs: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/google-sheet-8000-custom-gpts.1545632/#post-17002694 I found some useful GPTs there for myself, but I lacked personalization for specific tasks. Below, I have described a method to do this: BTW, here’s...
  2. A

    A file for wireshark

    hello, I am looking for someone who analyzes a recorded internet traffic file for anomalies(for example ip spoofing)using Wireshark. I suspect I have been hacked
  3. dakudaddy

    Again Someone Hack Google Algo

    Recently I come to this site and he is redirecting all of his users to other sites for Ads revenue. In just 20 days his site gained 400K traffic. Have a look at the site
  4. D

    My Fb Page got stolen!

    A few months ago a hacker gained access to my account (It was through a Chrome extension that afterward got deleted, stupid me), and uploaded an Is@s flag. My profile got banned permanently for this but the attacker managed to gain access to my band's FB page. I logged through an old backup...
  5. A


    hey guys, nice to meet you all, breached died and now I finally looked for a new place to learn black/grey/white hacking.
  6. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Elementor Pro WordPress plugin Vulnerability - Hacker Exploit

    Hackers exploit WordPress plugin flaw that gives full control of millions of sites Elementor Pro fixed the vulnerability, but not everyone has installed the patch...
  7. bottomg

    [ Tax Hack ] - 3 Legit Ways to Cut Your Tax Bill

    Listen up BottomG peeps, let's talk 'bout how we can legally reduce the tax man's cut, cuz we all know more money in our pockets means more bling to flaunt! Now, let me make it clear, I ain't talkin' 'bout cheatin' the system, that's a big no-no, I'm talkin' 'bout legal, legit, and easy ways to...
  8. C

    Ethical Hacker required

    Hi, We are looking for an expert Ethical Hacker to secure our website and our Contact Us form from hacking. Someone hacked our Contact Us form and we managed to fix it for now, but we are looking for support to block any future hack possibility. Thanks Colin
  9. M

    Aviator game predictor bot

    I need anyone that can help me to build aviator game predictor bot. To predict next game from 97% - 100% accurate. Kindly signify and let's talk. Note no down payment without doing task... If you can successfully build it and show me proof then we deal. Please contact me on email...
  10. elvin19

    blackhat or hacking google?!! 5milion traffic in 3 days!

    Hi Im wondoring how someone using domains (.fr .pl .it) for getting rank upto 5 milion in 3 days after registering domain?! he has almost 20k subdomian on .fr with all trend keywords on turkey market and for each keyword that belong to each subdomain he getting rank on first page and 100k...
  11. HatiQ

    [ASK] How do people get backlinks from reputable domain with invisible text?

    Hello I'm very much new here. Both in SEO and in BHW. Please let me know if i'm offending any violations rule as im trying my best to learn and contribute what i can. As for now, i'm humbly asking for enlightment to what i'm looking at. Here is the case. Currently i'm working on a specific...
  12. PlusMein

    How you face with different bots or people that using the proxy or VPN on your website?

    Hi everyone, Really interesting question, and I guess pretty hard. We have several SaaS businesses, and pretty often, on one of our websites, we see that some users try to break the rules - push requests on the website, spam or try to get to the admin panel every time, or doing some other...
  13. Hex_case

    Let's talk Cybersecurity

    I recently saw a post about someone here on BWH who got their website hacked and since I have experience in, and I am currently studying for certifications in Cybersecurity, I thought it would be nice to share what I know. The basics: - Do regular backups and have a plan in case shit hits the...
  14. Ahmirof

    Warning For Hacking Requests Or Discussions

    Hello, I tried to submit a ticket about what I'm talking about in this thread, I've tried many times to send but seems the ticket section has problem. I started a thread : https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-get-deactivated-instagram-username.1409936/ and request some help about a situation ...
  15. lightneeder

    Metamask wallet script

    Hi, can someone please explain to me how this script works? https://pastebin.com/65xdf1MQ pass: 0VAEhXsdtt
  16. M

    Is Follow/Unfollow still effective?

    Ive been doing this on a few accounts with a super super low followback rate. Its a really big dedicated passionate niche too. Seems like liking targeted users tweets works better as far as getting follows and engagement on my tweets. Also going to work on sending out DM's. DM's work extremely...
  17. I

    nodistribute.com Alternative?

    Hey everyone Looking for a good alternative to nodistribute.com that can scan bat files. ANy reccomendation?
  18. wolfofcraigslist

    ISO: Torrent Tracker accounts

    Looking for aged accounts for torrent tracker accounts
  19. M0805


    Regards to all. There are more and more photos like this on Instagram, or videos that last only 2 second. They last very short only a second or two. Do they achieve growth faster with this method? What do you think?
  20. dohyung97022

    [Journey] Programmer cracking instagram. Sharing pics and videos from Korea.

    Well, I have been seeking the black hat community for a while now, looking at various posts on how to crack instagram, mobile proxies, and so on... I tried some myself as I am a trained programmer with a full time job at a mid startup company in korea. Although I am skilled enough to program...
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