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  1. Almond00

    A couple instagram strategy questions?

    Hey so I'm just starting out growing pages in a niche location and I have a couple questions if it's cool: 1. When starting out, is it a good idea to "fake it until you make it" -- e.g buying 1k followers and likes until you gain them organically? It's dirt cheap where I live but I'm worried I...
  2. M

    [Req] Brian Dean | SEO That Works 4.0 - Latest Update

    I've Search All Over The Internet for This Course, But It's Only Available in Torrent Version. It's published in January month also it is 23 GB. I spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, But it is Not Downloading, And Also, I think it's Updated! If anyone has this course's Latest...
  3. igtaya

    [LIMITED TIME HACK] Grow Your Instagram Using Mass Mentions in Live Sessions. Get Real Trageted Followers Today!

    This Hack is working now, it might not work in the future. Contact us before it is too late => Results: It says in French, user has mentioned you in Live Video: 1) What is our offer? Using your instagram account, we create hundreds/thousands of Live Session each...
  4. R

    New Member, Nice to meet you all :-)

    Hi there! I'm Hugo :) I come from France and I recently working for Agence Copernic as Growth Hacker. Copernic is the second Hubspot partner in France in terms of Sales and customer care. I'm working on a lead gen process that aims at give leads continuously for the Copernic's sales : Input ...
  5. C

    Just a kid trying to master social media

    Hey everyone! Been working in and around the SM space for a while, really trying to find the best options out there for growth (real not fake) on multiple platforms. Mainly Instagram. Really interested in the mass DM strategy however open to virtually anything else. If anyone could direct me...

    Tracking the interests of the right audiences (!)

    Guys, does anyone know how we can track the interests of an "x" audience? Example. I want to reach everyone who likes football. Interests of those who like Football: Football, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Nike, Adidas, Chuteira ... (club names, football brands, sporting goods). Ok, But, things get...
  7. anisbk94

    How can i convince clients to buy fake social signals?

    I want to resell followers and likes and comments to some instgramers and YouTubers but currently i do not want to mislead them. I think they want there posts and channels to be more popular. Does rising your followers, make you seem more authoritative instgram, than your posts gain more viewers.
  8. 4

    Organically growing subreddit specialist

    I don't know if this is the right place. But I'm looking for some one who has either a big and active subreddit (or subreddits) in the adult niche that can help me grow a complete new adult subreddit. Or a person who grew subreddits for other people and know how it works. No fake users/ bots...
  9. W

    How Dopamine Detox changed my life (From broke to 9k per month)

    Hey everyone, I recently did a dopamine detox and it has really changes my life for good. 4 Months ago i was barely making any money and now i am around 9k per month online. I use to think there is some secret tactic i need to find to make money online but there isn't really a tactic.It's all...
  10. Instaboy85


  11. M

    Best way to grow instagram in 2020 (your opinion)

    According to you, which method is working best in 2020 1) manual growth 2) child accounts marketing 3) storyvoter 4) shoutouts 5) sharing trending posts 6) instagram ads
  12. F

    TIk took advice

    Hi so I created a tiktok in November and it started off good with 700 views but then a few times my posts got removed and then under review. It was a bikini video. One of my videos said “this could result in serious injury. Since then my Engagement has dropped. I’ve waited 2 weeks before using...
  13. igtaya

    Best Instagram Growth Strategy

    Hello Guys, What is your experience with those account growth strategies: 1. Follow/Unfollow 2. Mass Story Viewing 3. Mass Poll Voting 4. Mother/slave with DMs & Tagging Main Account 5. Running Story Ads 6. Buying Shoutouts 7. Driving Traffic from other Social Media platforms (Tiktok...
  14. empire247

    My Favorite Growth Hack to increase Digital Service sales

    My second business in my lifetime was a crowdfunding marketing agency. I wanted to boost the sales other than messaging Kickstarter campaign owners and ranking on Google. The growth hack that boosted my sales was reaching out to people who owned software related to the crowdfunding industry. I...
  15. B

    How to grow a Spotify audience?

    Hello, What are some techniques from which i can grow my Spotify audience? Are there any traffic exchanges, or places where you can follow-unfollow. And stuff like that are there any sites where you can share your playlists and get seen and heard by many people and then they would choose to...
  16. zig-zag

    Share your Growth Hacking Tips & Small budget Marketing TIPS

    Hey Guys, I would love for this thread to be filled with nuggets/tricks and stories from all of you to help each other with marketing on small budgets and growth hacking. So feel free to share the love and your tips/tricks to market a site. Best, zz
  17. S

    Developer for Instagram Like Bot (Targetted)

    Hi there, We are currently working on an instagram bot that can like pictures in the following way: We will provide the bot a list of users and it will go and like the pictures of the followers of these users in the most effective way possible. More will be discussed upon hiring of the...
  18. N

    IG Top Comment + Child Account Growth

    I'm looking for someone who can create one child account and achieves top comments on numerous popular pages and funnel that traffic to the mother account. I've seeing certain accounts gaining 3-6k followers a day using this strategy. PM me or comment below if you can do this! Got a decent...
  19. N

    Need IG Growth via Child Accounts

    Looking for someone to grow Instagram accounts using this strategy, please PM me if you can do this
  20. vimal85

    Growth Hacking Tools

    Hello Friends, Just gone through the below link. Growth Hacking Tools Not all the tools are free and they come up with free trial. Might be useful for somebody.