growth hack

  1. R

    How can I improve?

    Im a 3d artist and i started posting on a tight weekly schedule on istagram, twitter, facebook and reddit. I got a m/c service for twitter and im trying to grind as much as i can to make it happen. On twitter i post 3 art related threads per week (with the aim of placing myself as art expert)...
  2. Danny Crypto

    Looking to grow my youtube, instagram and twitter any package or service suggestions?

    One package or different packages for each social service to boost it. I know this will not get me rich but looking for a real boost which can bring me some potential audience.
  3. E

    IG Automation

    Hello guys and Happy Monday! I was wondering if there is any good automation tool for IG to do actions like follow/unfollow, leave comments, DMs, view stories, etc. Also, I tried a few tools but my accounts got suspended after 60 seconds of activity and it asks for SMS verification, not sure...
  4. E

    Few problems and new IG strategy?

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well here! I have a few questions about IG and I am sure you know the answer(ChatGPT doesn't :eek:) -> joking aside :) 1. I am trying to leave some comments with my child's accounts but for some of them, IG doesn't let me comment if I tag another account. If I...
  5. M

    Growth Hack?

    Hi everyone, I need your opinion on some growth hack strategies to grow Instagram accounts. I am currently doing follow/unfollow which works but slowly and I would integrate the following: -Mother/slave. Any advice on how to use this strategy at the maximum capacity? -Mass DM via a bot (I...
  6. matthewmint7

    Levelling up your business results in 4 steps

    Hey guys, the following points have helped myself and a few of my coaching clients so I thought it could be of value to some people here. I’ve kept it short and sweet because that’s all that is required to get out of a rut or to get the ball rolling with your business. 1. This is often...
  7. A

    What's the hack behind this growth?

    I came across this profile: He started in Sep and already has 100k followers. I checked his audience on Modash and 70% are from the US... when you go viral the audience tends to spread across different countries. He has no low-view video (which is very...
  8. Instaboy85


    ⚡Ultimate Instagram Growth & Monetization Guide for 2022⚡ DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE MONEY & GAIN REAL FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM ✅ How To Go Viral On Instagram: Tips & Tricks ✅ Instagram Algorithm Solved ✅ Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach ✅ Simple Methods to Increase Instagram Engagement ✅...
  9. ghosteye

    NEED Instagram and Twitter growth hacker

    I am looking for somebody to help me with growth hacking on Instagram and Twitter. It could be the M/S method or any other one that can bring organic followers. I am part of a marketing agency in a crypto niche that regularly works with many crypto projects so that it could be a long-lasting...
  10. C

    Asking for Advice: Bulk Link Building Strategy

    Any ideas to create or find backlinks to increase ranking on SERP quickly or a growth tool for link building
  11. Le Monde Vu Du Dessus

    Hi everyone! I'm "Le Monde Vu Du Dessus", from France, I have ...

    Hi everyone! I'm "Le Monde Vu Du Dessus", from France, I have not yet a business online but I learn the strategies before embarking on a good deal :) Do you have starting points to advise me? I am very new to the Black Hat world and would love to discover some Growth Hacks very recent in time. :)
  12. smm jacopo

    What does?

    Someone know how does pathsocial grow accounts? They say they have an influencer community, but for that price I don't believe it
  13. Y

    Twitter bot

    Hello guys, we are searching for a Twitter bot that would target accounts, hashtags, geolocation and send dm scripts to our new followers. Or at least something similar to this. Any suggestions?
  14. M0805


    Regards to all. There are more and more photos like this on Instagram, or videos that last only 2 second. They last very short only a second or two. Do they achieve growth faster with this method? What do you think?
  15. KingPluto

    A New Instagram Growth Hack for 2022... [IT WONT LAST LONG]

    Every so often, Instagram drops a new feature or people discover a way to finesse a current feature to hack engagement. Right now we have one that’s been increasing engagement on regular posts by 2-4x. It's super simple but won’t last long so follow along: All you need is the image you want...
  16. Almond00

    A couple instagram strategy questions?

    Hey so I'm just starting out growing pages in a niche location and I have a couple questions if it's cool: 1. When starting out, is it a good idea to "fake it until you make it" -- e.g buying 1k followers and likes until you gain them organically? It's dirt cheap where I live but I'm worried I...
  17. M

    [Req] Brian Dean | SEO That Works 4.0 - Latest Update

    I've Search All Over The Internet for This Course, But It's Only Available in Torrent Version. It's published in January month also it is 23 GB. I spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, But it is Not Downloading, And Also, I think it's Updated! If anyone has this course's Latest...
  18. igtaya

    [LIMITED TIME HACK] Grow Your Instagram Using Mass Mentions in Live Sessions. Get Real Trageted Followers Today!

    This Hack is working now, it might not work in the future. Contact us before it is too late => Results: It says in French, user has mentioned you in Live Video: 1) What is our offer? Using your instagram account, we create hundreds/thousands of Live Session each...
  19. R

    New Member, Nice to meet you all :-)

    Hi there! I'm Hugo :) I come from France and I recently working for Agence Copernic as Growth Hacker. Copernic is the second Hubspot partner in France in terms of Sales and customer care. I'm working on a lead gen process that aims at give leads continuously for the Copernic's sales : Input ...
  20. C

    Just a kid trying to master social media

    Hey everyone! Been working in and around the SM space for a while, really trying to find the best options out there for growth (real not fake) on multiple platforms. Mainly Instagram. Really interested in the mass DM strategy however open to virtually anything else. If anyone could direct me...
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