grey hat



    Hi guys, i run ads grey hat, its replica but doesnt seem like it, i runned ads for 40 days without any issues then ban and now i tried everything, new account with new domain new ads new Ip and still same shit, sometimes ban straight away sometimes after 3-4 days. The business was working, how...
  2. T

    I Have a Unique Grey-Hat Method of Generating Traffic, Looking For Ways to Monetize.

    I live in a van, travel from town to town, city to city. I like putting stickers on things, street signs, railings, gas station pumps, etc. I can put 100 stickers up a day or more if I really try. I'm not worried about sharing this method because I believe the volume of traffic will be fairly...
  3. Mirkogiovannetti

    [HIRING] SEO Expert Guide

    Is there any highly qualified SEO professional who can guide me on how to optimize my site? I have a business that I want to launch in my country and I want to make it all GreyHat. I'm looking one Guide Man to my business. I am not looking for professionals who optimize the site for me with low...
  4. Shropdog

    Black hat case study for 2019-what tactics to test

    So i have tried to always only do white hat ( grey maybe ) and avoid black hat seo at all costs. And this goes as far as not knowing much about it. I am launching some new niche/local services websites and thought it would be interesting to make another of similar size/platform/keywords etc...
  5. Shropdog

    What black hat tactics work in 2019

    As we all know, Google has spent a lot of time and money in the attempt to make ranking a website or keyword a long and honest one. This however never stops SEO'ers from finding new ways, and also blatantly black hat tactics to gain an unfair advantage. What black hat tactics still work in...
  6. C

    Any paper books worth a read for grey hat SEO?

    Was wondering, but figured nothing beats action. I got the basics down: Organic traffic before paid. Focus on top 3 traffic methods before using social media. Don’t buy shitty linkbuilding services. No more than 2-3 bl a day. Etc. Etc.
  7. K

    Hey Guys!

    I am new to this Hacking Field
  8. B

    Looking for Black Hat PPC campaign management for Lottery Client

    Hi Guys. I am new here and looking for Black Hat PPC guys who can run ads for our unlicensed lottery operator. Thanks so much!
  9. B

    Looking for Black Hat PPC campaign management for Lottery Clients

    Hi Guys. I am new here and looking for Black Hat PPC guys who can run ads for our unlicensed lottery operator. Thanks so much!
  10. iOptimize

    Creating a PBN

    Hi, I want to learn SEO, mainly PBN. Heard some good things about it. I want to rank my new site for low competition keywords. Since I am new to PBN, can anyone link me to a thread on BHW that has detailed explanation about SEO like social signals, infographics, custom video, PBN, etc., mainly...
  11. Zombiesmasher

    Are you White Hat IRL? Or are you openly Black Hat?

    Here's an easy question: How do you define what is BlackHat and what is WhiteHat? We’ve all probably seen every variety of definitions or opinions, peppered with Guru buzzwords. “If you’re looking for loopholes in the Search Engines algorithm, you’re BlackHat.” “If you’re creating “good”...
  12. P

    do these still work?

    hi, does magic submitter,ultimate demon etc still work in 2017? thanks
  13. ergoprime

    Get Web 2.0 Blogs indexed

    I made around 20 Web 2.0 Blogs full of spinned and relevant content and linked from some of these blog articles to my money page. After waiting some weeks Google still doesn't count this backlinks. After searching for my sites via "inurl:domainname" I couldn't find them. Now my question: How...
  14. ergoprime

    Domain Link Diversity

    As many of you know, it's important that your links come from different domains. I am not only talking about different "platforms" like forum links, gov links, social bookmarks and so on. What I mean is: Some websites have thousand of backlinks coming from a couple dozen domains. Yet this...
  15. Slyeagle

    Getting tired of "SEO" Googles' way

    This is my first post here & below is the reason I have joined these forums... I have been building & SEO'ing websites for over 10 years now & have, like most people had the up's & down's Google likes to dish out over the years. In the early days I had pretty decent content & wanted to...
  16. M

    Need a GIANT in SEO tacticts.

    Looking to hire a great seo guy or gal that is not afraid to ride the line and can prove it. Please message me ASAP for further details. Thanks!
  17. whiteblackseo

    All Grey Hat Techniques You Can Imagine

    Saw a post on BHW about Grey Hat Seo Techniques and I'd like to learn more about it. Searched Google and couldn't find good ones so I'm turning to you guys for some Grey Hat Techniques. Grey Hat Techniques I Know: Growth Hacking Yeah....that's all.
  18. Terabit

    Hello Blackhat Community

    hey there peoplez. I am new to the blackhat community. I came here for one reason...... and that will be discussed later in other posts in other section :P so make sure you look. With that said, I hope we can all get along.
  19. C

    Penguin 3.0, a change in legit strategy...

    Hello everyone I'm starting a new campaign for a client and have been jolted in this black hat game like never before with this new algo update. I am wondering if the following strategy is still viable for a grey hat legitimate link building solution (for reference, this is a business client)...
  20. A

    Help out a newbie?

    Hi Black Hatters, I'm doing SEO work for a small company that has a few websites all operating in the same niche. I've done pretty well so far - the on-page is looking good and we've been building backlinks steadily with good results. Essay over. My question is this: how do you go about...
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