grey hat ideas

  1. m13-io

    gleaning data about local businesses nationwide

    #showerthoughts I was thinking about the data I have on hand and what information/data products I could build. phone number reverse lookups might be pretty easy start. Does that sound crazy? It would be a matter then of running each address through a pipeline to bolt on ancillary data about...
  2. kabe

    Keeping Up With Penguin 4.0

    September 2016 made quite a stir across the internet marketing arena when Google rolled out its Penguin Update 4.0. It’s been working “real-time” ever since. The update has been included in Google’s main algorithm, and it’s definitely not a filter! The most horrifying aspect is that you may...
  3. webinaz

    Grey Hat Experience Shared-- in ASO World

    There is explained about ASO process in the Study-Grey Hat Experiment. ASO process consist of keywords, search score, new ranking and competitors.GEO App is being used for traveling, business and other purposes. New ranking is coming according to search score and competitor rate or level. New...
  4. Botwiz

    LiNkWheeLs? Yes I know how to use the search button!

    So this method of link-wheel-ing is completely mind numbing. Been reading and reading, but am left with a huh wtf expression on my face. :breakpc1: Anyone have any literature or even a couple book marked threads I could just peep to get my head around this further. Ebook, dummy guide...
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